Making Christmas Stockings for three very special people..

The Holidays are fast approaching and I've been pretty busy this past few weeks with my crafty self.
If there is one thing I love to do is make different items for family gifts and Christmas is my favorite time to do this. 

My son Tom is known as "Man of the Mountain" 

My Son and his family live up in Juneau and they love the animals all around their town.  They take hikes in the wilderness every weekend and are always sending photos of the bears and wildlife.  So what else but putting a few of their favorite wild animals on stocking for each.

Tom and Michelle on one of their weekend hikes. 

Imagine this background is just outside their door.

First I bought heavy duty craft felt and cut out the stockings.  I found this idea from no other than Martha Stewart.  Her stockings were on Pinterest and  are on the cover of  MS Living.

  The December issue and their perfect for this wilderness loving family.  I did make a few changes to reflect my ideas.

 The Brown Bear will be for Michelle.  
The Deer for their daughter Eve and of course a Polar Bear for my son.  Tom had a dream come true this past year when he came literally face to face with one of these really mean animals.. it's a long story but the Angles were with him on that day when he locked his rental car keys in the car and there was a Polar Bear just sitting on the horizon watching him....This was up in Nome while he was on duty there. Thankfully he was able to get home and tell the tale.  (Although it was terrorizing I know he will be telling this 'fish' story with a smile,  till his dying day)

I used a bit of craft paint to give each stocking a bit of color. 
A bit of cotton ball for the fur.

And some cute little stuffed burlap pillows for their names.

 Cute, I think they will like them.

Ok.. on to the next project.
Don't you just love the Holidays!
* * * * * *
I'm adding a new photo. Today my Son and his family sent this shot of their new stockings hanging proudly on the fireplace.  All they could say was, "Perfect"
"Happy Mamma here" 
(thank you Martha)


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My "Salute to our Vererans" and Christmas Jammies for the entire family...

 I've given myself a full week to work on Christmas gifts for family members and I'm in love with sewing and needle work so I got busy... Christmas Jammies for my daughters family.. yes, Dad, Mom and the three boys.

At first I wanted to make both tops and bottoms but knowing how modern their family is I opted for making just the bottoms.  I chose a nice soft flannel but first the fabric had to be washed to allow for shrinkage....
I did find a 'family pattern' and it had sizes for all ages.  I cut out each and began sewing... it was fast and really easy.  Had them all cut and sewn in two days work.

 For the tops I chose simple black Tees....
I used some designs from the fabric and made little front of the shirt patches.  Sewed them on each Tee and CUTE!

Don't you just love to see the entire family wake up Christmas morning in their matching Jammies... I know my daughter will love them.
Ok... each set were wrapped in separate bundles with each name tagged and off in the mail they will go for Christmas eve!

Let me give you a sneak peek of my next project... knitting a really nice warm sweater for someone special that lives up in Alaska... she will use it I'm sure... 

 "With needles clicking away I bid you adieu and "Salute" to all our "Veterans" who gave their lives and time to serve our great Country.

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