My Visit with the boys is winding down....

Today was spent taking over 300 photos with my grandchildren. I wanted just one, to frame for my home, so I could remember this special time. Gina planted us on the grass in her back yard and the shutter on her Canon just clicked away. I have them saved on a memory stick to sort through after I get home.
  The past three weeks has flown by as most vacations do. 
 I also spent a bit of time today trying to see if I could get all my stuff back in the one suitcase I came with and so far so good.. except the kids kept giving me their toys to remember them by.

I'm not going forever I tried to tell them and when they left the room to go study I had to take the toys out of the case and hide them as to not insult these sweet grandsons.  While I tried to make sense out of my packing my daughter was teaching "Ancient Babylonia" to the boys... when they finished the two hour session they all got to work making a food of the time,  "Hammurabi Flat Bread" with Falafel.  When Gina teaches World History she always ends each session with a food from that country.

I took a walk around the house looking for all the special things given to me.  The boys had signs hanging on my arrival and these will grace my fridge once home.  They even made a sign for my two cats,, "Rikki and Daisy".

I'll see this closet in my third eye for some time to come... after all, I spent quite a bit of time in there putting toys back at the end of the day.

This little plaque says it all.

I'll be flying back to Florida really early Saturday morning with the most wonderful smile on my face.  But I'll only be gone for the winter as I'll be back in March to help my kids welcome their newest production. 
The weather in OKC changed today, it's chilly and Fall is in the air. This woman wants no part of winter and snow so I keep on the go.
Just call me a Florida Snow Bird!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Just could not finish this Afgan quickly enough...

 It's taken me two weeks to get this Afgan finished.  I normally would have had it finished quicker but this one took so much longer.  Being here at my daughters with all the living that is done in this house,  well you can imagine how hard it would be to sit.  I've been having such a good time with my grandsons and sitting still has not been in the picture.  The spot for the Afgan when I must get up was on the carpet, near my seat on the sofa.  The words seemed to echo around the house, "Don't touch grandma's crochet" and when one child sees me coming they quickly run from the room.

 I found this (stitch) pattern on the PBS Show "Knitting Today".  It was so easy to do and made for a nice design.

 Once I completed the size needed I used a simple edging to go around and finish it off.

 I think I started something.  My daughter loves it and said, "Mom, there are 5 of us in this house and we will be fighting over it once the cold weather sets in"....hmmm?  guess I need to make a few more!  I told her she needed some color this time since her furniture is all greys and browns. "How bout Orange", I said.  
We will see after I get home?

After the hot dry summer we all have been having I for one am looking forward to the chilly evenings and wrapping up in a cozy Afgan sounds heavenly, don't you think?
Well my visit here in OKC is winding down and I'll be flying early this weekend.  Time to think about packing all the stuff I've gathered here.  Wish I could put my kids in the suitcase along with me but I'll be back in the Spring for another wonderful visit. Hopefully one not as quick as this visit seems to have been. But then most trips come and go so fast!
I'm thinking of all the weeds in my garden and how tall they must be. I'll be busy next week....

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"Happy Birthday" to my Mom....

My mom left us on Mothers Day 1998 and my life has never been the same. 
Today September 11, I have to send out into the Heavens a very "Happy Birthday" wish to this woman who gave me life and how I miss her.

Mom at 16 yrs old


 How come years later
you still can't wait to
tell her something
before you remember
how long she has been gone?
How come every time
you see something beautiful
you think "Oh my Mom
would love this."
And every time
there is a hurt so big
your heart can't hold it
she is the first one you need.
Every joy that comes
could only be better
if you could
share it with her.
And every tragedy
makes you thank God
she doesn't have to
suffer through it.
 How come no matter how much
you miss your Mom
just thinking about her
somehow still comforts
and heals?

I'd bake a cake for you if I could.
I'd take you out for Shrimp Fried Rice
or to Arby's.  
Anything you want mom.

"I love you"