Fall Wreath

The weather guy told us this morning to expect a Tropicas Storm or Hurricane in the next week or so.  Not sure where it's going?
 One more month of Hurricane Season for us... oh boy!  It's been a busy season, to say the least.

For the past few days, like all out there, my mind has turned to Fall and getting my decorations out of storage.  
I went to the stores yesterday wanting to buy a wreath for the front door.. but they were all in the $40.00 range and I just did not want to spend that much money.. so I went digging in my storage box and pulled out all the bent, folded and crushed floral from the years gone by...
I need a new wreath and thought to make one out of what I have.  
I did look in Michaels and they wanted $7.99 for a simple styro circle and again,, that is too much money so I went into my good ol' store room and took out a sheet of styro that I saved from something?  Traced a circle and cut out my own.

Cutting styro with a kitchen steak knife is messy so I took it out to the deck.

I then wrapped the styro wreath  with some floral tape and it worked perfectly!

After cutting the wires of all the Fall floral I found in a bag I then put a dab of hot glue on the end then put in the styro in what I thought would be a nice design.

It's working!  I added a bow of Raffia to complete the little wreath. 

My little Door Hanging turned out perfect!
It's October and although our weather is turning.   No need to wait to put out my little wreath because it will he hot well into December, here in Central Western Florida, with Tropical Storms coming and going well into November... I need Fall now!

It's up on the door and looking pretty good,  if you don't mind my saying so!
And it cost me nothing!

I do know one thing,  "It's lifting my spirits" and that is what it's all about!

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I should or should not do, what?

It's September today and it had me thinking of "How Fast Time is Moving"
Then I ran into the following article.. Put a smile on my face as I thought of how I'm feeling about life and how I have been thinking of.... my looks, my clothes,, my words...
Each year I look into my closet or think about the things I do and say then wonder, Should I be saying or doing the things I did when I was younger? 
Should I grow old Gracefully? (does that mean look like my grandma did?)  Or just continue if it feels good?  Hell, I still wear my shorts because I like them and it's HOT here!

The September issue of the AARP Bulletin tells people over 50 to stop tolerating arrogance, don't say the word "panties" and never, under any circumstance, wear low-rise jeans.
Here is a full list of things AARP says people over 50 should and should not do: 

Words to ax...
- Panties
- Smashed, overserved, or hammered.
- Sick!
- Whatever
- I'm like ... We mean "I said" or "I say." So we should say it.
- Totes. Unless you mean that clever little umbrella.
- Hot. Except when referring to the weather or habaneros.
- Kick it 

Things never to do again...
- Jell-O shots
- Karaoke after Jell-O shots or any other time.
- Crowd surfing to the mosh pit.
- Drinking champagne from your son's girlfriend's shoe. Drinking champagne from your own shoe.
- Visible tats, no matter what (or who) you escaped, no matter who or what you discovered.
- Collecting owls made of shells, frogs made of ceramic or lawn gnomes made of anything. 

What not to wear...
-Miniskirts, minishorts, anything that's been deliberately diminished or ripped.
- Low-rise pants that showcase low-rise anatomy.
- Super-tight skinny jeans, even if you are both.
- T-shirts that say "Sexy Grandma," "Vote for Ozzy" or "I Am the Man from Nantucket."
- Purses with dogs on them. Purses with dogs in them.
- Gold chains with your name on them. Gold chains. Chains. 

People to no longer tolerate...
- Those who don't know you when you're down and out but just love you when you're "back."
- People who learned all they ever needed to know in high school-and are still living it.
- Gossips
- Arrogant doctors, educators, waiters, TV commentators, athletes, authors, legislators, coaches or anyone who lets a little influence go to their head.
- Space invaders. Those who stand too close, consuming space, energy, oxygen and time. 

- Create a boundary in life. Then take down a wall.
- Write long handwritten letters to your grandchildren, even the ones who aren't born yet.
- Put your wedding photos in an album before your 25th anniversary. Finish the baby book before the kid's 25th birthday.
- Start telling the truth, every day.
- Stand up for what you believe, and do so with dignity.
- Dance outside at night in a foreign land. (this is mine)
- Be able to retire but say, "The hell with it, I'm going strong." 

I'm like most of you, My mind is so young (still)... I'm happy and busy and just not wanting to think "Old" just yet... so I'll continue to do as I have been...
I have given up one thing... Those "Low Rise Jeans"... I'm just tired of pulling them up!
One more thing...... my hair!  When I hit 55 I read that "Older women should cut their hair"... we will look better... so after debating this I did (had a lot to do with the heat here in Florida and pre-menapause) Went and got myself a cute short hair cut!  I'm now wanting to grow it back.. but it's so funny looking in the, In between stage...?

As for Jello-Shots, I gave them up years ago!



Why would they do this to me?

 I stepped out my front door this morning,  this is what I saw.

 A beautiful lonely  dresser, tossed out for the "Trash man".  The poor thing had to endure the rain storm we had last night!  
It was calling my name!
Save me, save me from the Trash!

A neighbor is moving and left this for the trash man tomorrow. 
I crossed the street to take a look ... not bad!

It is a good sturdy dresser, but the neighbor,  who left yesterday, did not put the drawers out with it?

Now why would they do this to me?
Why would anyone put such a nice piece out in the trash without the drawers?  I bet they left the clothing in each drawer and just carried them out to the  moving truck..

After inspecting this nice frame of a dresser I had so many different thoughts going through my mind... hmmm?  Maybe I could take away the sliders and turn it into a nice shelf with baskets? 
Paint it white and distress it?  So many ideas.
Do I really need this?  Where would I put it?
I walked around it for a bit and then a neighbor came out asking "What was I doing and why was I taking photos of it?" 
But then they all know me here on the block... I'm always bringing home something in my car.  My trunk has signs of my over stuffing it with all sorts of "junk"... they just laugh!

"No Sandy"  "Turn around and go home"... leave it in the trash!

It hurt me to not take it home!   

I found myself looking out the front window, still trying to think of how to  rescue and restore  this really nice wood dresser. 
No!   close the blinds and stop looking out!

Why on earth would this neighbor

As I said, the trash man does not come until tomorrow morning.
Knowing me, I'll be dreaming about this dresser out there, in the dark rainy night!  Just waiting for the trash man to haul it away!
I may still go out there and bring it home.. 
to be continued... Maybe?
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"Women are Angels"

Women are angels and when someone breaks our wing we simply continue to fly ...
"On a Broomstick"
We are flexible like that.

Have a great week!