Water Water Everywhere....

I've lived in Clearwater Florida for about 6 years now and am overjoyed with all the water..
I was asked to "Pick One Body of Water"... how can I do that when there is
so much water around me? Each photo below is a 'favorite place'.

I can literally walk to a little town called "Safety Harbor"
They have the best "Marina and Fishing Pier".  If you get out
early enough, about 7am, you can see the "Manatee" swimming
under and around the pier. Yes, Moms and Babies together, their large bodies
coming up and out of the water, to blow for air...If you bring some lettuce, they will love you!
Although I don't.. it's frowned upon to feed the Manatee! I do bring bags of bread for the "Sea Gulls".
They literally "Take if from your hand"!

I'm usually out early to walk around this beautiful area.

 The above is an areal view of Pinellas County.  The photo above is where I live...Upper (East) is the Tampa Bay and below (West) is the Gulf of Mexico.  I live about 6 streets from the Tampa Bay

Here is the walkway out onto "Sand Key" Beach, Clearwater.
I love to go to this beach.. not alot of tourists go here, mostly locals.

Again, "Sand Key" beach.... The Sand is literally a "White Powder".
The above buildings are million dollar condos..

Tha'ts me and a passerby, feeding the Sea Gulls!

The above photo is what we call SR-60, or the "Courtney Campbell Causeway"
this road is about 5 blocks from my home and travels West from Clearwater Beach, all the way East to Tampa.. the length is about 24 miles on this road way!  When the Hurricanes come in, they have to close this road.. they put 'tractor trailers' on each end to block the cars from driving on it. (yes, some try)

An evening photo from the 'Safety Harbor" Pier.. I love this spot most!
It looks at the city of Tampa, across the bay!  On a clear day or night you can see the 'Space Shuttle" take off from the "Kennedy Space Center" from this view!

Below is my creek, "Alligator Creek" that runs from the Tampa Bay to The Gulf of Mexico,, East to West in Clewarwater.... It's rather shallow but many little row boats can be seen from my back windows... No, I don't have a boat, or a pier to dock a boat.
And yes, there are "Alligators" in this creek... none have walked into my yard, or at least I have not seen them do that, but I have called the "Alligator Catcher" to pick up two.. He put long fishing poles into the bank and hung a raw chicken for them. After a few hours they took the bait, then he tied them, and they were taken to his truck and released  into the "Everglades". 

As I said before I've only lived here in 'Clearwater' for about 6 years. I came over from a few years in "Ft. Lauderdale" where I literally lived 2 blocks from the famous beach. My favorite pastime was at "Sunrise".. walking to the beach and watching the tractors come in and clean the sand.

My life has mostly been near water and my skin shows the damages from the sun. Brown spots are real, so now I slather with "Sun Screen" each and every day.

I'm linking up to  My French Country Home  where "Sharon" is doing an article about 
"Living by Water"  She asked for a "Little Photo", my favorite body of water, but I don't have just one. 
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I am so Grateful for where I live 
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Water is "All around me"