"Remembering on this Memorial Day Weekend"

                                                                 photo Frank Glick

To All Who Have Served

To All Who Gave Their Lives

So That We Can Be Free

"I Salute You"

As we all go about our daily lives this Memorial Day Weekend, 
Please pause and remember all those who have and still keep us 
"Safe and Free"


Saving seeds from my Blackeyed Susan and Purple Cone Flowers

I'm always thinking ahead, to next years garden and this will be my fifth year saving the seeds from my Black Eyed Susans.
They seem to grow without my even seeding  the spot by my front fence, but I save the spent flowers, let them dry then put the seeds in an envelope to be scattered out back in the fall.

Of all the flowers growing in my yard, these two seem to be the ones that love
to grow all on their own.  Too much rain, or no rain at all and their happy!

And from the way they look in the garden, 
"They make me happy too"

What more could this woman ask for?


It's Almost Done...... My Master Closet

In a previous post I spoke of re-doing my messy master closet. Well, I'm happy to say "It's Almost Finished"

It's day 7 of my Custom Closet make over.  
My hands hurt and I have white paint and liquid nails under my finger nails.  I'm tired of looking at the hammer and assorted screwdrivers.. but "Oh so happy with what is going on in there"!!
This is one of those "Did I Do That" moments. 
Call me nuts, but I know I've saved myself thousands of dollars by not hiring a contractor or handy man.
Hey, "I'm the handy woman" 
The first thing I did when I brought home the pine boards is paint them all with a white primer.

Now that I have the shelving up I stopped to think about putting the clothing hanger rod in, then it hit me that it would be long and there is a possibility the weight of the clothes might not be supported by the 3/4" wood?  This morning I went back to the HD and my favorite guy who has been so helpful with ideas and opinions on what I was up to.  He gave me some great thoughts on a second, stronger shelf with better support.

This project is taking much longer than I thought but as long as I have the time this next week, I'd say it might take at least 4 more days to finish.
I'm being really picky... "NO" metal or wire  at all, will go in my closet so I bought a large wood dowel for the clothes rod.  Three will be installed but I just don't want metal supports on the end. My big idea is to use 2by4 wood.  Drill a hole in the wood and insert the dowel....  How do I drill 2 1/2" holes, that is the question??

Doing a project of this size I've come to the understanding that these items are the ones most needed.  
Liquid Nails, Molly's and a Miter Saw.  

And lets not forget the Masking Tape! I must have gone through two large rolls just holding things together while I worked on it.
The walls and cabinets have been primed and now I'm
wondering if I can con someone into putting a fresh coat of paint on everything in the Closet? 
Any takers out there?

The little night stand will not stay there, that spot as the one above it will  be for a clothes rod, for short items like shorts and tee's.

My little girl, Daisy spends all her time in the closet with me.

My guest room has been taken over by all my clothing and I can't wait to get it all back and hanging in my new Custom Closet.  

I'm tired now but as they say, "The show must go on" because it's Almost finished and I can't stop now!
I'll post more on the finished product.  Mr. N told me last night, he was going to hire me out as a contractor.

The best part of such a project is when it's "Almost Finished"
No, scratch that,,, "The best part is when it is finished"

* * * * *

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