A Beautiful Day to Plant "Caladiums"

Today was such a beautiful day here in my area. The sun was out and the temp went up to 86',  so I spent the day doing a bit of gardening.  Although I live in West Central Florida we do get winter and our temps get low enough to put the plants to sleep.  We also have not had much rain so the grass browns, if not watered each week. 
Ok, so it may never happen but this is what I want my back yard to look like.  I have the space and I have the area started with brick surrounding each flower bed but I don't have the proper soil.... 

 I want my yard to look like this!

My soil is Florida sand mixed into clay and it's really horrible! Each spring since moving into this house I've bought dozens of bags with rich top soil and incorporated it into the beds.  A few bags of manure along with pete and anything else my local master gardener has told me to add.  I even took a sample of my soil to her and she told me that all I need is to add a bit more acid.... so I did that.. but my flowers do not grow as lush as they should.  It's a bit depressing to say the least.
I  put new grass seed this morning, in all the bare spots of the lawn. 
Today I'm dreaming of a lush garden full of color.

 Look at the colors of these beautiful Caladiums.

I bought  a large number of Caladium bulbs today and planted them in groups of color all around my back yard.

The photos are taken from the net, so I could look at them and dream about how nice my garden will be in the Spring.

This one is Cherry Caladium

I did notice my Day Lillies are starting to reach to the sky and the trees have new buds on them. Most of the perennials are showing green buds. That means Spring is not far away.
My thoughts are to create a space that looks like this lush garden. This year I'm going to have it... or at least something like it. 
Lets look at it one more time.

This is my sad wintery yard today. Everything is dry and sleeping and it's a bit depressing but  like most  gardeners around the country, I am patiently waiting for Spring!

Hurry Spring! 

I need you!