Two Quilts at the same time

"The Snow Flake Quilt"

"The Purple Quilt"

I've been working on two quilts at the same time this past week and enjoying every minute of each stitch.  Not sure my fingers are too happy about all the needle pricks because they sure are sore. I also so enjoy sitting in my chair, feet up doing the quilting design by hand.. sure it takes so much time but in the end it's going to be beautiful.

Why two?   I wanted to give my new daughter-in-law and her daughter something from me and what better than a quilt to wrap up in.
While I was visiting them last month I had my granddaughter pick out her own fabric when we found the sweetest quilt shop in Norway, Michigan.  The prices were also almost half of what I would pay here in my town. 

My granddaughter Eve chose such nice designs and colors, that complement her favorite color, purple. 

Since this past Christmas I've been collecting snow prints from many different stores  and also found few while up in Michigan.  Snow flakes are really hard to find here in Florida once the Christmas patterns are put away in the stores.
My plan is to have an overlay of Snow Flakes flowing down the front of the quilt. Both my son and daughter-in-law are snow freaks... yes, they love the snow and are those who actually count the inches that fall with great joy.  
For the next few weeks you can find me in my chair stitching while wiping the little bloody pricks from my finger tips as I go.. with a big smile on my face.

 I'll post the finished results soon.