Family visit comes to an end....

 Dad and Sons huddle before being let loose in the book store.

Much to my dismay my grandsons will be leaving after a weeks visit.  
I took the kids along with their mom and dad, to the book store so they could pick out a book for the long flights they were facing.  
Imagine three 7-8 hr flights in the belly of a MAC (Military Air Cargo) flight... yes the planes that hold the tanks and supplies for the Air Force, seats along the walls of this cavernous airplane. The kids pull out their sleeping bags and sleep on what I call the 'train tracks' in the center... it's so loud that they use earplugs,  but so very safe.  The best part, free flying for the military families.

About 24 families were on this flight to vacation destinations around the world.
This was my daughters first time on such a flight and told me "When I first boarded this  plane I was truly worried"  But like all that take these flights they found the service and the way they were taken care of does not compare to domestic flights.  

The boys are homeschooled and just love to read.  Book stores like we have in the states are non existent in Guam.  The boys eyes were wide with wonder in Barns & Noble.
Ok boys, go pick out a book, any book, I told them as we headed for the children's section.

Looking through the enormous selection was not an easy task and it took quite a while to review all they saw.

Each new book was better than the last.  This was not going to be easy!

So they sat for a while reading a bit of each new selection.
I know, lets ask dad, he can help us choose!

Then the stacks of books started to get a bit confusing so mom came to help!

Finally their choices were made and everyone was happy!
Especially Grandma, I had my Cappuccino.

To the register we all went, books in hand.
Was a good afternoon in the book store!

Tomorrow my Daughter and her family will be leaving for the tiny island of Guam for another year of duty.... Although I'm sad I'm also overjoyed to have had this time with them all... This has been a wonderful two weeks of family... I just don't want it to end!