96' and I'm wearing Leg Warmers....

I wanted to join Jenny Matlock's Alphabet Thursday and her letter this week is "I". What better word or topic
than "I", as in me, myself and I.  

A few days ago I really killed my poor back.  
Since the tropical storm came over a few weeks ago and did so much damage it got me up and cleaning under the stairs.  That is our "safe room" for hurricanes and each year it seems to get so much stuff stored in there.  You know, stuff like suitcases and packed away Christmas decorations.  Well during the year it turns out to be the space we toss everything we're not using. 
I had to replace the batteries in lanterns and radio and get the blankets in order, also the box of food, water and kitchen items we may need... Then when the hurricanes come we just have to get in there.  The space is not very large and you must bend over to get in, but it's a perfect place to avoid a storms wrath. 
I got  it organized and dusted. then  threw out my back.
What does one do when you can't move in any direction?
 Sit still and knit!

My youngest daughter who has been living in very hot Guam for the past three years finally came back to the states and she and her family have no winter clothes.  Oklahoma City is their new duty station and she asked me to make her some items for the cold weather to come.  "Mom make me some leg warmers".  That's an easy request and what better time than when I have to sit still for a few days.

 I made my grandsons sweaters this past month and used the left over yarn to make these and I just love how they look.

Don't laugh but it's 96' outside (feels like 104') and here I am with my jeans, boots and leg warmers leaning against the wall trying to save my back.
 Suffer for the love of my blog!

 I really like how they turned out.  If only I could use leg warmers but I live in Florida and have no need for them.
I may be down for a few more days, the muscle relaxers are not working very well so I guess I'll make Gina another pair of leg warmers with other left over yarn that is in the stash!
I need to get a running total of all the knitted items I've made for her family this past few months. Really, that will be another post in a month or so.  The box full of winter knitted clothing will be sent out in September.
It's making me hot just thinking about sweaters and winter clothing.

Keep cool everyone!

I'm joining


Making New Crochet Place Mats

As you all know it's been so hot this past week and I've been trying to not go out in the weather. Seems I get up early to do my errands or visit with people then I'm back in the house.
I have been keeping busy though.  Refinished my wine rack and after knitting two sweaters for my three grandsons, I had to put #3 down for a while.. it was starting to make me cross eyed.  So I picked up some crochet cotton and made some well needed place mats for my kitchen table.

 I love using  Handcrafter Cotton for dish towels or place mats, it washes so well. The place mats also save my crochet table cloth from spills and drips.

 The wine rack also has a new topper.

I know it's hot out so knitting and crocheting may sound like a hot thing to do but we are lucky enough to have central air conditioning and it's always comfortable in my house.
My next project is something I just fell in love with.  I found this bulky knit bed cover on Pinterest and now to go find the wide-thick yarn needed. How beautiful this will be draped over my bed comforter.  Wonder if I can keep the cats off it.. that is a joke to be sure!

 "Stay cool everyone"

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