Life is Good....

This past three weeks I've been jet setting and after 6 flights I'm tired and glad to be home.  
First my daughter Cyndi and I  flew into The UP of Michigan to a very quaint little town, Sault Ste Marie, that sits on the border of Canada.
My Son, Tommy is a vessel inspector with the USCG/Homeland Security and lives with my new daughter-in-law and my new granddaughter... This is the first time for us all to meet and Tom did good with his choice for a bride....  We all got along from the start and we  talked and laughed from the moment we met.
Each day we did something special.  Michelle tried so hard to make Cyndi and I feel at home and I can't thank her enough for her loving ways. As for my new granddaughter, she is such a sweet, beautiful girl and I want so much to be grandma #3 and one she will remember with love.
Tom if your reading this, Michelle is a keeper!

We put our feet into the icy waters of Lake Superior and toured the Coast Guard Lighthouse that was built in 1835 on  what is called Whitefish Point.  I also brought home some rocks that we picked up off the beach.  I've been to many beaches around the world but never one that was full of rocks of such beautiful colors.  Each tumbled in the currents over the years, that polished them in such lovely colors and textures. If I'd have driven my car  up I would for sure have filled a very large box of these rocks to bring home for my garden.
As we prepared to fly  home  the airport baggage handlers put an  extra tag  on my suitcase with the word "Heavy".

 Imagine the beach totally covered with these amazing rocks.

We then drove to my new in-laws home, 4 hours from Sault Ste Marie,  I came upon the most beautiful log cabin nestled in the woods away from civilization and the noise of city life. 

Being in this beautiful setting with my family was the highlight of our visit. The Cabin sits on 5 acres of land,  just about 200 yards from the border of Wisconsin in Norway, MI.  Funny how I never knew just how sedate my lifestyle has been until I stayed in their home.  Every moment was filled with laughter, cards, walks in the woods and in the evenings we sat around the bonfire and just talked and sipped wine.  I was introduced to such a joyful, loving family.
I had such fun!

During my life  I held a secret  inside,  the want to live and work on a farm.  But life took me in the direction of City Girl and the idea of owning a farm was never to be.  
Then on day three of our visit we went to the farm my in-laws have owned for two generations.  Although it is not a working farm they do have a large lot for cows and fresh veggies that the large family shares each season.  I did learn something about cows. They have some of the traits as domestic animals.. When one of the Uncles came home in his truck the cows recognized the engine noise and knew Uncle was home and started mooing just as a dog or cat would vocalized their joy at their masters homecoming.

On the third day I found the need for a nap. I was trying to keep up with all my new friends but just could not.  During this time the men folk (this city girl loves saying that, The Men Folk)  had their own chores out behind the log cabin.  New electrical wiring was being put in the ground.  The owner of the land and cabin (my new in-law)  did his own work (no he is not a farmer, he is a (R) Sheriff), and yes  he built the cabin  with his own two hands and not from a kit, about 18 years ago.  In the photo is my son,  his father-in-law and brother-in-law.

After 5 days my visit to this amazing place has come to an end and the morning we were to fly home I went out and took the morning after photo of the spot we all sat around in the evenings.... My heart was as sad as the empty chairs around the bonfire. 
The memories will live on!

This family visit turned out so much better than I could have imagined.  Although one daughter is missing in the photo (much too far from Guam to just hop on a plane to come visit with us) she was indeed with us in spirit.  I called her each day and sent videos and photos as we took them.

My kids
Michelle, Tom and Cyndi

I'd like to say I'll be going back but I don't think that will happen any time soon.  Sault Ste Marie was my sons duty station for the past 3 years and they will be leaving in June for Sector Juneau, Alaska. 
 I'll always remember this wonderful week with my family and want to thank them all for the wonderful hospitality they showed me.

Two days after returning I changed flying companions and jetted off to 
Sector Cape May with my daughter #3 and Mr. N for the USCG graduation of my grandson.
This was my forth graduation with the CG as we have many members of my family that are career Coasties. The video is when the new Coasties came marching past the grandstand filled with joyful loved ones, to receive their certificates. You can hear daughter #3 screaming for her Son, the new Coastie!
The group is singing, "No more sleepless nights, no more seaman duty, Hey Hey Hey Were goin home!

We stayed in Cape May for another night so I could drive around and visit the place where I spent my summers as a kid.. My Grandfather worked as a Warrant at this CG Base and my mom went to school in this lovely town.  We then drove north to Atlantic City for a night of gaming... and now I'm home and tired.  But it was a great whirlwind of a three weeks and I'm happy!
I received an invitation from  Michelle and Tom to come to Juneau once they settle into their new home.  That might have to wait till Spring once their winter is over.

After getting my ears unclogged and  my brain back to reality, it's home to crafting and my usual chores. I must say.....

Life is Good!

I'll be joining... 

End of Summer Celebration

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