This entire week it has been HOT here in SoFla.. My hair is frizzy when I go out.. Humid is not the word for the air.. more like a heavy dew? The trees are weeping and the ground is steaming.  
I've been inside, sitting in my favorite chair doing a quilt... hand stitching....  One of the many Christmas gifts I've been working on.  It's raining today, Thank you Lord, we need it to cool off the area!

I don't have a craft or anything else to post today, so I thought I'd post some photos that do not require words.... My friend sent these to me.  He did not say where they came from so I don't have anyone to 'give credit to'... 



My new kitchen table

I spent the morning painting a table I found on the side of the road.. it was in such great shape.. wonderful heavy wood and it has a  butcher block  table top! The only real work was having to buy some screws to fit, then put the table together... the (tossers) people took it apart before they tossed it. (imagine they took it apart?)  
The chairs were finds at  Walmart  on a great mark down.. $7.95... There were only 5 chairs left so I bought 4 of them.  They have been in the boxes out in my store room for a few months, and were really easy to put together. I also painted them white to match.. not bad for a set!

I need to get some glaze for the next step.. sometime this week.
It's been so hot here in SoFla, they said the index is 110 today, but it's the "steamy" thing going on.. and I'm like a mole staying in the a/c.  So I did the painting in the kitchen... no way would I survive outside!

Once I get the seat cushions made I'll post the reveal....
I so love it when I find such great furniture pieces...  grand total about $36.00 for the set!

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