How do you attract Humming Birds to your yard?.

Of all the plants in the back of my yard, I think the Firespike is the one I look forward to each year.  This plant brings so many Humming Birds and Butterflies.  My first cutting came to me from a friend two years ago and it's turned into plantings all over my yard. I had no idea how much the critters love it.
As I might have said in a previous post we are in the rainy season and the Firespike is the only flowering plant that is blooming. It's just not the season in Florida for beautiful gardens. Well, at least in my yard.  You can see the tropical greenery is beautiful and lush from all the humidity and rain.


 Each of the plants are starting to bloom and you might have laughed at me when I saw the first Humming Bird. I ran outside with my iPhone camera and tried to have the Humming bird think I was just part of the landscape.  Sorry but that did not work.  Every time it would come back it knew I was there and I had to finally give up and leave the poor thing to get his sweet nectar. 

This went on for about an hour, my going out there and sitting on the soggy ground only to see about 4 Humming Birds at different plants and they are scattered around the yard.  It was turning into a comedy. 

 As you can see, I have no photos of the Humming Birds.

 Known botanically as Odontonema strictum, firespike grows 4 to 6 feet tall and produces clusters of 3-inch-long, tubular red flowers. It is a small shrub in South Florida and a clumping, herbaceous perennial in North and Central Florida.  I keep my plants pruned each fall because really they will over take the entire yard if I let them.

I have a new batch of cuttings taking root in a bucket of water.  These will be packed in a box and sent to my daughter for her new back yard.  When I was there a few weeks ago I did bring some cuttings and we put them along an area of her fence to start some privacy.  She told me this week, "They all have new leaf buds growing" and she wanted a few more.  I don't plan on driving the 4 hrs for cuttings so they will be sent in the mail this week.

I've always wondered how many of you living north of Florida might have Firespike growing in your yard?
 I saw a few while living in Texas but none in Illinois and read that they will go dormant in cold temperatures?

Today my great plans of doing a bit of gardening did not happen.  This is the first day we have had sun in the past three weeks of rain.  But to my dismay It's in the high 90's and it will surly make me pass out. So here I am in the a/c doing the last of the three sweaters for my grandsons.  

"Enjoy your weekend everyone" 

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 "This is just to awful to even talk about" 


"Jalousie glass helps me hear in the night"

I'm sure many of you, like me, have in home alarm system.  I wonder how many alarms actually work or deter intruders?  My kitchen window is very vulnerable sitting right on my deck and anyone can come in or through it, if they really wanted to because from the outside it's so low to the deck floor. Also my potting table is right in front of the window and it just has to be moved or climbed on for someone to break the glass window.


 I'm a bit nervous with alarm companies because several weeks ago there was a killing on my street.  An intruder got in through the same window as all the townhomes are built the same,  and shot and killed a 32 year old woman.  Her mom ran from the front door at 3am, hitting the alarm as she went screaming into the street.  Well the alarm did her no good at all.  In fact the alarm company called the next day saying, and I quote, "We got an e from you last night about your car alarm"...
Well that really shocked me to say the least and yes, these women had a well known brand alarm company!

I feel so much better about my kitchen window as it is full of glass that will come tumbling down if anyone thought to try getting in.  I have all glass objects along with shelves made from old  jalousie glass I found in a trash pile.  All I had to do was cut the glass to fit and used some strong twine as rope hangers.
Knowing the window frame was made of wood, I simply screwed in kitchen cup hooks to hold the twine that was made to hold the shelves.  It's sorta like the macrame holders we made back in the 80's. Yes, it may swing if knocked but it works perfectly.

 I know this idea is crude but I feel so much more comfortable at night knowing if anyone
wants to get into the window I will be sure to hear all the glass come crashing down into the sink. Along with it being my alarm it also acts as an attractive window decoration, don't you think?


 I sure hope no one ever has an intruder in their home but it's always a good thing to be ready for anything or anyone.  All the other windows and entry ways in my home are secure but this window is my only fear 
 If I hear the crashing of glass in the night I have my baseball bat sitting beside my bed and I'm ready to bash a few heads. Just to let you know, I've had lessons  in self defense and have a mean swing.
How many of you have not only an alarm system but a system of your own?

Stay safe all! 

I pray rain comes to the Midwestern States and soon! 

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Georiga Peaches are here.

Such an achy week this has been and I'm happy to say my poor back pain has subsided. So what did I do but get in the car and go to the grocery store.  Mother hubbards cupboard has been getting bare! 

 On the way to the store I spotted a sign saying "Georgia Peaches".  
I just love it when the peach farmers drive down to Florida and set up shop along the road ways.  
"Georgia peaches are fabulous" 

This calls for Peach Turnovers and I got busy in the kitchen.

 After cutting the peaches, I added a bit of sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and some Corsica Mint. I have several mint plants growing out on my deck.  This mint is so tiny and has such a wonderful aroma and sharp taste. Corsica Mint is what is used in Creme De Menthe liquor. 
I cooked the mixture just long enough to soften the peaches and thicken the juice.

 Although these mint leaves are tiny I gave them a bit of a chop to release the oils.

This is where I cheated a bit by using store bought pie dough. I found that if I keep a few packages in the freezer I can bake when ever I felt the need.

After folding the peach mixture into dough squares I let them bake for about 15 minutes at 425',  then put a bit of powered sugar frosting on top... yummmm, these need to be eaten warm.

 I wish you all could smell my kitchen when these are baking.

Have a lovely week everyone! 

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I'd love to talk about my flowers but we have been having much too much rain and their all gone, so I'll talk about my Mint