I came back from my trip yesterday from  the UP of Michigan along Lake Superior and wanted to show my favorite flower and one that is almost impossible for me to grow in my yard.
The Tulip

This bunch was growing in my Sons rental yard in Sault Ste Marie,  just mixed in other forms of plants, as if they were planted years ago and totally forgotten. 

Living in hot SoFla, makes it  really hard to grow these beauties and when driving around the UP,  I found bunches of tulips growing in every yard, every space and the groups were just bursting out in the most unusual places.  Some were showing in  lawns and along the walls of homes and buildings.

These photos are when I jumped out of the car and crept into peoples yards with my camera.... How beautiful they are!

My trip to visit with my Son and his family was wonderful and I will post some of the fun times we had once I get all the photos off my camera and into the PC, on another day.  I came home only to get ready for our trip to Cape May for the graduation of our grandson from USCG boot camp.  Time to repack and fly out in two days but first I need to do a bit of house work, be sure the cat is taken care of and the birds have all they need. 
Busy, busy, busy and having a ball!

The US Coast Guard is a big deal to my family. This week the 9th member will join in service.  It all started with my Grandfather back in the 1930's

Chief Warrant Officer
Thomas P Murray

USCG Sector Cape May here I come!