Why would they do this to me?

 I stepped out my front door this morning,  this is what I saw.

 A beautiful lonely  dresser, tossed out for the "Trash man".  The poor thing had to endure the rain storm we had last night!  
It was calling my name!
Save me, save me from the Trash!

A neighbor is moving and left this for the trash man tomorrow. 
I crossed the street to take a look ... not bad!

It is a good sturdy dresser, but the neighbor,  who left yesterday, did not put the drawers out with it?

Now why would they do this to me?
Why would anyone put such a nice piece out in the trash without the drawers?  I bet they left the clothing in each drawer and just carried them out to the  moving truck..

After inspecting this nice frame of a dresser I had so many different thoughts going through my mind... hmmm?  Maybe I could take away the sliders and turn it into a nice shelf with baskets? 
Paint it white and distress it?  So many ideas.
Do I really need this?  Where would I put it?
I walked around it for a bit and then a neighbor came out asking "What was I doing and why was I taking photos of it?" 
But then they all know me here on the block... I'm always bringing home something in my car.  My trunk has signs of my over stuffing it with all sorts of "junk"... they just laugh!

"No Sandy"  "Turn around and go home"... leave it in the trash!

It hurt me to not take it home!   

I found myself looking out the front window, still trying to think of how to  rescue and restore  this really nice wood dresser. 
No!   close the blinds and stop looking out!

Why on earth would this neighbor

As I said, the trash man does not come until tomorrow morning.
Knowing me, I'll be dreaming about this dresser out there, in the dark rainy night!  Just waiting for the trash man to haul it away!
I may still go out there and bring it home.. 
to be continued... Maybe?
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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Ha, Sandy!
I had to laugh...wondering who appeared nosier you with your camera or the nosey neighbor wanting to know what you were doing and why you were taking photos....LOL!
You should have said, "Investigative Reporting, wondering why there are no drawers with the dresser!"
And left those neighbors skeptical about putting their trash to the curb! ...That gave me a chuckle.
Now the neighbors the "know" you...are left wondering!

...thanks for the chuckle, Pat

Granny said...

That makes no sense that someone would take the drawers and not the dresser. Such a waste.

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜@ Debbiedoos blogging and blabbing said...

I found a piece just like this, same thing no drawers. I painted it and used it a shoe rack in the garage...perfect! Go get it out.:)

Susan said...

You sound like me. I can't stand it when someone throws something out that's still useful. I've done my share of picking up curbside strays.

Pondside said...

Too funny!
I'll bet it's in your garage right now.

Karen said...

Sandy, I'm thinking the same thing Debbiedoos said, it would make a fabulous shoe rack or storage facility for something. That would drive me batty too, if they were going to throw it out, they could have included the drawers, grrrrr.

It looks really well-built, not like the cheap furniture made today. I'll be right over to help you haul it across the street, lol!

Darla said...

Pure torture!

Gina said...

LOL!! that's odd. Who would do that??

EG Wow said...

I think it's still calling you. Give in and go get it. :)

Esther Joy said...

I'll be waiting to see if you were able to resist rescuing it!

Riet said...

OH my that couls hurt. Great T word

JDaniel4's Mom said...

It really does look like a nice piece. I hate to think of it out on a dark and rainy night.

I dread an empty nest.

Wanda said...

It looks like that with heavier shelves it could have been made over into a nice entertainment center. Too bad it's probably gone to waste.

Teresa said...

I can almost hear it whimpering in the cold and rain. It's saying, "Save me..."

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

They'll probably be throwing the drawers out at the new place. It is a shame to see it just sitting there.

Annesphamily said...

Hilarious T post! I would have taken it! That is just wrong to leave a nice strudy drawerless dresser in the rain! :( Terrific Anne

siggiofmaine said...

Just what I needed to read as I start to downsize, again. ☺.
Understand the desire to save things from a garbage trucks cruel end.

Enjoyed your post.

☮ ♥ Siggi in Downeast Maine

Stacia said...

I love the idea of refinishing it and putting baskets in it for storage. Go save it!!

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

Oh, I would snag it if it's a solid, sturdy piece. The possibilities are truly endless!

Anonymous said...

I hope you rescue it!..I would love to see you bring it back to life.

I'm new follower!
visiting from Jenny Matlock!

Anonymous said...

I hope you continue this story, that way I can get some ideas for the one I can't seem to throw away myself... mine has the draws!

Eliza Wynn said...

If you really want it, go for it! It would probably make a nice storage unit of some kind if you fix it up.

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh. I think you are my twin! I can totally understand this! It would be tough to resist the possible charm of that piece.

I can see the baskets.

I can see some of the risers taken out and a shelf put into the middle.

I'm going to see if you have a later post telling us if you resisted or not!

Thanks for a fun stop this week.

This was a terrific post!


Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

So, did you snag it? I know those kind of decisions are tough. Usually after I walk away from it I totally regret it. I can't imagine where the drawers are!

beckyp said...

I would have to rescue it Surely you could put baskets in it or something Such a waste to be thrown out

Jo's This and That said...


Birgit said...

When I saw that, I actually thought that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to put out old furntiture for the trash men here in Germany. You have to bring them to a recycling depot... Anyway, great post!

Greetings from Germany,

PS: See my T post here! :)

Cheryl D. said...

I'm the exact opposite of you! I hate using my creativity to rescue someone else's trash! However, if everyone WERE like you, the world would have less landfill space being used up and more unique-looking homes from the creativity going into reusing things and turning them into treasures!