Today I bought a few more "Mandevilla" plants to hang on the front porch.  The space is large enough to just let them take over and fall as they may.  I'm not sure about the size of the hanging basket, might need to be larger,  but they  will get both sun and shade throughout the day,  so hopefully they should thrive. 

Mandevillas develop spectacular flowers in warm climates. 
The flowers come in a variety of colors, including white, pink, yellow, and red.  As climbers, Mandevillas can be trained against a wall or trellis to provide a leafy green and often flowering picture of beauty

 Pretty Pink

I have several on the side of my house that have  flowers all year and climb up their trellis', but I thought I'd try to use them in a hanging basket.  We will see how they fall and trail?  Or will they want to climb up in the eves?
This variety is in the periwinkle family.
 I've been having fun decorating the porch and this beauty is a plus.

It's flower and planting season where I live. 
Now I need to go find pumpkins for the up-coming season.
I may never get used to living in Florida because gardening is so different from living in the north.
I say that with a smile!

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SavannahGranny said...

Love your Mandevilla. My will not winter here. We have to start over each spring. Ginger

Jann Olson said...

I love Mandevillas! They won't winter over here. If I can find a good deal on one I'll buy it just for the season. Yours look absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy that planting season.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Those are gorgeous!!

Pondside said...

Those southern colours - gorgeous!

FlowerLady said...

Beautiful mandevillas.

I tried to get two cuttings going from a friend, but neither took. :-(

Have a lovely weekend in our cooler weather.


Abby said...

thanks for stopping by! I've never seen a Mandevilla before, love the rich color. Wow - love the music on your blog! (and Pride and Prejudice) What a GREAT idea.

Tina´s PicStory said...

very lovely flowers :)

Anette said...

Beautiful flowers you show us.
Here we´re expecting frost within hours.

Beth said...

Your mandevillas are beautiful, Sandy. You're lucky to live in a warm climate!

Katarina said...

I've seen this beautiful plant in California, but up here it's a very exotic plant. It must be lovely having flowers all year round.
Have a nice day!

Lena/isis said...

Wonderful....nice to have flowers in the garden every time on the year.


Bernie said...

I'll be interested to see how your Mandevillas do in the hanging baskets. I have one Mandevilla at the moment and it's climbing up a trellis, but I've been thinking about trying them in a couple of hanging baskets under the pergola.

teresa said...

I love mandevillas but unfortunately here in the north east they are not hardy. I just took mine down yesterday. I had a beautiful red one and a white one that was almost as nice as the red one. wish I could send them to you.

Robin said...

Hi Sandy,

I love your mandevillas! I have been in Florida a year now and cannot get over the plants! My bouganvillea are going crazy right now. As soon as the summer rain stopped everything started really growing. I hope your feeling better soon.

Robin Flies South