Remembering Mom

I wanted to celebrate Mothers Day simply by sharing my Moms photos and telling a bit of her story.

For some odd reason my Mom chose (if we indeed have a choice?)  Mothers Day 1998 to leave this world. Guess she did not want us to forget the date. 

Here she is at the age of 16

Mom was crafty already, doing her crochet as she sat in the park. 
Get a load of those shoes!

Mom and I took my then 13 month old daughter to Lincolns Tomb in Springfield, Illinois.  Mom thought is was such fun for Cyndi to scream inside the tomb and hear her voice echo from wall to wall.

Mom grew up known by her family as Peggy.  Here she was at 17.

The night before she died she was not feeling well and told me my eggplant dinner upset her stomach... she said, it just had to pass from her system and went to bed.  In the morning she said it again and told me "I'm fine, go to work, I'll just stay in for the day. See you later".  Well when I got home, flowers in hand for Mothers Day,  she was tucked under her covers peacefully  sleeping.  Her morning coffee cup on her night stand, half full.   Until I went closer and noticed she had passed sometime after 10am, the time I called to check on her.

Age 15

The family gathered to say good by to Mom at the cemetery, and while I,  my sister and our two daughters were walking in the gardens near the fountain erected for cremation ashes, my daughter said "Come see this, it's an Eggplant"... well we all went to see and there it was, floating in the water.  My daughter took the photo as proof.  Who would believe this?
"Who would bring a real, fresh Eggplant and put it in the fountain"?

My sister and I were stunned!

  Knowing  her grandma  told me how my eggplant made her sick,  my daughter was sure  my Mom put it there to let us all know "She was ok".  Inside my heart,  I thought "Mom put it there saying Your Eggplant killed me".  
It is just like my mom to do something like that, she had a great sense of humor.

"Happy Mothers Day Mom"
"I sure miss you"


Granny said...

What a touching story. My mom passed away on my oldest sister's birthday.

sissie said...

Your Mom sounds like a wonderful person to know. I love reading your story and I'm touched by your sweet memories.


Karen said...

Sandy, what a wonderful tribute to your mom. She was such a beautiful woman, and the pictures and memories you have shared here are precious. Happy Mother's Day to you, too.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

What great old shots of your mom. That eggplant showing up was really funny. It certainly was a sign of something! Happy Mother's Day!

Mumzie said...

Very touching story. My mom passed away on my dad's birthday 4/7/98. I truely miss her...she leaves me dimes around the house just to remind me not to forget her. They often show up after I've visited with my little sister. Strange, but true. Mumzie

Atelier de Charo said...

So sweet memories!

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Big Hugs

Megan said...

I found your blog via your comment on The Cape on the Corner's post about her losing her dad. I had to come after you said something about watching out for signs. My family is big into that! We aren't big into religion but signs we do! After my step grandmother died, we kept seeing herons. She liked them and we always knew it was her watching out for us. After my grandfather (her husband) died, we saw a bald eagle. On a family trip with that side of my family, we saw a heron flying with a bald eagle - the signs for both of them. It was a great sight. After my brother passed, we've all kept a look out for signs but it's a litle trickier. However, I see his number on little things and have had dreams about him.

Love the eggplant story - very odd indeed! :)

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Your mom sounds like she was a wonderful soul. I love your eggplant story, I really do believe that was a gentle little poke from the other side.

God bless you,