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 I posted the story of a "Coconut Crab" when my daughter walked out of her house in Guam one night to put the days trash in the garbage can.  
I'm talking about it again because over the past year I have gotten many comments about this story and some are just not believers that this really ugly looking crab exists... others are just amazed at it's size.

At the time when Gina told me of this crab, I just listened to her tell  how one  scared her.  Knowing my daughter as I do.. I  pretty much 'blew it off as no big deal'...( so she saw a crab, how bad could that be?)

My youngest child is now 27 with three little boys of her own, and since being a toddler she has always been afraid of bugs, especially spiders and was one of those kids who would 'squeel very loud and run from everything'. Gina still did the same "squeel" in high school when scared of anything and I would always laugh as she ran from what ever "It" was!
Well while we were on the  phone  she told me of the "Coconut Crabs"  "how large they are".   I've seen many different types of "Crabs" and again did not think too much about the crab story.. Until she sent me a photo of one......

 google image
"This is no ordinary crab".

Gina said, "When she first saw this, she saw the birth of her children flash before her eyes"

All I could do was "Gasp" for air!  She said, "she took out the trash, all she did was open the lid to put the bag in and she heard a  Shhhiiisssshhhh-ing  sound".   Like something was telling her to go away!    She backed up and ran inside, turned on the outside light and there was this 'Thing" walking toward  her!"  (They are not afraid of humans and will come after you)
She "Screamed" and ran back inside to  get her husband, who laughed at her, as usual.  Like I said, "Gina screams at all bugs".......

"Honey, this is "NO BUG"

I've posted a map of the areas where you can find "Coconut Crabs"  they are so ugly but then they say "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"
"Coconut Crabs" are known to come out 'when it rains" and scrounge for food, but their favorite food is "coconuts" and you will find them climbing the Palm trees and knocking down the coconuts for a meal.

 The entire blue area  is where the "Crabs" can be found. "Guam" is above and to the right side of  Australia.

From what Gina tells me, the local people eat these crabs. Since the crabs eat coconuts they have a mild coconut flavor... They cook the meat in coconut milk and toss it over veggies....
Gina said, "She has been offered a meal made from the "Crabs" but just can't bring herself to eat them.

I have this "silly grin" on my face when I think of "Gina" running from these "Bugs"
It takes me back to when she was little.

"Oh the memories we keep of our children"
This is just one of  many for my "Mothers Day"

For all of you who are interested in knowing more, just google 
"Coconut Crab"  

I'm joining Jenny Matlocks 
Alphabet Thursday 

"C is for Crab"



Trish said...

HOLY COW!!!! I'm NOT afraid of creepy crawlies and that thing would have sent me HOME to my mother! LOL

sissie said...

Yikes, that's the ugliest thing I've ever seen. I can't blame her for not wanting to eat it!!


Christine said...

Ok now I'm going to have nightmares now, and my children too,because how could I not share this. YIKES!

Darla said...

This is amazing!!!

Tina said...

When my dad was military, we were stationed at Anderson AFB on Guam. We didn't have a problem with the crabs, but several of our friends that lived off base did! They are pretty scary, I agree. I can't imagine running it to one at night!

Anonymous said...

OMG...i'm sitting here feeling creepy crawlly...that's some nasty looking crab :D
thanks for the warning...i'll not be visiting there very soon :D

Granny said...

Those things are scary looking. I'd sure try the cocunut crab cooked though. It sounds delicious.

Lola said...

Apologies. Bit late again this week - been so busy lately!

Thank you so much for stopping by and look forward to *seeing* you again soon.

Hope you have a good weekend,

XOXO Lola )

Jenny said...

Oh my wowser. That is a seriously big crab. And I would totally run screaming from it a second!

I'm not sure if I could bring myself to eat one. I keep hearing about bugs being the next big protein in the maybe if I had to pick between eating roaches or that crab...


The whole idea just makes me shiver.

Thanks for a clever post this week. I think you have all of our skins crawling.