"Counted Cross Stitch"

My inspiration came from this store display at 'Jo-Ann Fabrics'. I just love the 'colors'!

Lets Talk about "Counted Cross Stitching"
So many women don't do this, because they think of "How much time and
work is involved"... but, you must think about how 'therapeutic' it
can be.. I find it 'takes me out of my own head' and 'counting' is
soothing to me!
The first thing I can offer is "Get a good pair of reading glasses",
and sit in your favorite chair with a 'bright' reading lamp! Put
on your favorite music, or a movie that does not require watching
at a constant stare...
The photo above is a 'Sofa Pillow' I've been working on for about
two weeks.. I might put in maybe 1/2 hr a day, or longer depending
on what's going on in my house...
I'm hooked on "Cross Stitch'. I try to only make items that will be
used for special and usefull, home decor. I'm happy to say "This
pillow is for ME"
Once I get the stitching finished, I'll post the 'How To's' of turning
it into a "Sofa Pillow"...
Happy Stitching all....


Anonymous said...

This is really pretty Sis, great job!!

Kati @ Obscured Flair- said...

your cross stitch is so pretty! I just started doing my entryway in those exact colors/ patterns! You mean to tell me I can get those decorative balls at Jo-Ann Fabrics?? I am super excited now!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

neither one said...

Hi Kati.. yes, I loved those balls as well...thanks for your comment!

Suzann said...

Hello Sandy,
I just found your blog today and saw that you are from Clearwater..I live in Orlando :)
Also I love your cross Stitch when my sons were young I used to cross stitch all of the time. I now think it is a lost art but I believe it is beautiful and I agree I think it is a calming thing.
I enjoyed your blog and thank you for sharing!