"The Sent of a Woman"

I have never 'collected' many things in my years, but, "Perfumes" are my only vice. Not the average, everyday perfumes, but the 'good ones'... Mostly "French". You know, the ones that cost an arm and a leg.  So I started collecting the 'little bottles'...Most of them come from the 'long flights' across the Atlantic.. they sell them on board the airlines. Notice the framed photo inside this picture, it's very special to me.. "It's my mom"...she started me collecting perfume bottles... she always smelled so wonderful!

 "Gina, yes this tray and the contents, is for you"

My daughter 'Gina' has been after my collection for years and I always send her away with a stern "Don't touch".... but she will be surprised, in the next box I sent to her ... My friend had this nice 'mirrored tray' that was in her 'thrift store box' and knowing me, I dug in it only to find her tossing an assortment of 'little perfumes'... and of cource "I begged them from her before they reached the door".... Gina will be so surprised! (well, not if she sees this post first).

This is my assortment, or what I could get on the 'mirror tray'... although I wanted to keep the tray my friend was tossing, I thought better of it, and thought to send the silver one to Gina.. she will love it more!
Now that I'm looking at the photo of 'my' bottles resting on the mirror surrounded by a wood frame, I'm thinking of 'getting a new' tray... but this one is a treasure of mine.. was my moms, so I can't seem to part with it...

Most women love the finer sents of life... although I do, I just can't seem to use these on my body.. When standing in a grocery line it seems the women in front of me sometimes 'reeks' of 'too much perfume' so I only use the 'spray sents' that are lighter.. I might, and I stress 'might' use a good perfume for the evening, but only a drop.. don't want to offend anyone in the room.
So, go ahead,, take a nice warm bath, then put on your favorite 'sent'.. but please, for the rest of the population, "Not Too Much".... we might gag!

OH, by the way, my favorite sent is "Femme"
whats your's?


Anonymous said...

I'm SUPER excited to have these perfume bottles in my possession!! You're the absolute best!

Stella said...

What a special Mom you are to send this great gift to your daughter. I know she will love. I too love scents but just a little. Nothing worse than being in an elevator with someone who drenched in fragrence. Thanks for sharing your collection.