"Y" is for Yummmmmmm

I found myself going to a Neighborhood Garage Sale this morning and can you believe "I came home with nothing".. that is a first for me!
Then I did a bit of grocery shopping and found Florida Strawberries at $1.49 a qt... so I bought lots!  I love to make Strawberry Jam and got to work.

Yummmmm is much to small a word, (if this is a word but we do say it a lot) for how good this is!

First, I picked through and cleaned the berries, then put them in the pot to cook....
While that was coming to a boil I put together a new "Cheese Cake" recipe and it turned out so good...
"Cheese Cake with Macaroon Crust"
The recipe was a simple cheese cake but use lime juice in place of the lemon juice. 
The crust was the best part...

2 cups flaked coconut
2 egg whites
1tbl sugar
Fluf the egg whites with the sugar, then add the coconut.  That is it!
Line your pan with this mixture and bake at 375' for about 25 minutes or until browned.

While the crust was browning I made my favorite cheese cake recipe but added zest and juice from one lime instead of the usual lemon juice.

I put the cheese mixture in the crust lined pan then into the oven at 325' for about 50 minutes or until the knife comes out clean.

Then on to the Strawberry Jam.

I found there were some fresh blueberry's  in the freezer that I had stored so I added them to half the batch of strawberries. Made the jam in the usual way, then put in jars.
But first I had to try the jam on the cooled cheese cake... yummmm!

The cheese cake recipe said "Let cool 4 hours"... haha
I had to taste it after only one hour.. but first I added a bit of the "Jam" and a sprig of fresh mint that I have  growing out in my garden.....

Know what,, the "Macaroon Crust and the Lime Zest" really did make a change in the taste, "For the better"... I may just continue to use lime instead of lemon in all my future cheese cakes... and forgo the usual graham cracker crust, for the macaroon.
Give it a try next time your in the mood for Cheese Cake.


 I'll be joining Jenny Matlock @ Alaphabet Thursday



Janice said...

The macaroon crust looks delicious. This makes me hungry and I have a feeling that my Sunday afternoon might include a dessert with a macaroon crust!

Granny said...

Could you eamil me a piece of cheesecake for breakfast? It looks delicous. Is the mint leaf from the type of mint you shared with me? Nice big leaves.

I won't be seeing mint growing in pots anytime soon. It's down to
25ยบ this morning. :(

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

Wow...whoo..looks so yummy! I want a piece for desert!

Diane said...

Yummmm is right! And I'm trying to drop a couple of pounds. This did not help my cause. LOL!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

That looks downright perfect!

I've noticed strawberries at a reasonable price in the markets, so guess I'll give it a try..

Allie said...

Y U M M Y !!!! I am a jam and cheesecake maker myself and boy does this look yummy!!! I can't wait until strawberries are in season and I can throw some blueberries in with it!!

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

We too have discovered the strawberries. Alas I do not make jam though. A delicious Y post.

Short and Sweet said...

I'll be right over for a piece of your cheesecake.

Judie said...

I am sooooo making this dessert!!!!!

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

love strawberries,

and your cheese cake looks YUMMY indeed.

keep us wanting, bless you.

Susan Anderson said...

Oh my goodness. That IS goodness!!


Cheryl D. said...

Thanks, I just gained five pounds reading this post! Yikes!

Unknown said...

Wow! That's definitely some cheap strawberries you found! I would buy a lot too at that price :). Mmm, fresh strawberry jam sounds really good right now.

I have to try out that crust recipe now that you've shared it. I'm familiar with the graham cracker crust but its also fun to try new combinations with cheesecake. I bet my husband would love it :)

Jenny said...

Yum, Yum, Yummy. A strawberry limeade cheesecake. How scrumptious.

Thanks for sharing this delicious link on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter Y.