Some years I work so hard to keep my garden and plants alive.  You know, you buy seeds or plants and put them in the ground only for them to not do very well or by the grace of God, (or my bad gardening)  they just die.


 Well, last Fall when the  season was over I took the holiday Pumpkin out back, down by the creek, and left it for the Critters to enjoy.  The Deer and Raccoons  love to munch on pumpkins.

About two weeks ago I went out and found the seeds from the totally rotted Pumpkin remains have "Sprouted"

Look at the Pumpkin plants today.  
I must have  counted about 22 flower buds.

I have never tried to grow Pumpkins and wonder if there is anything I must do to help the plants along?  I do remember seeing a program where the gardener took the pumpkins, once they were about the size of grapefruits,  placed them on flat bricks to protect them from the damp ground... hmmmm? 

Wonder if I should use plant food?

"I'm on a mission to grow "Pumpkins" this year"

I'll be joining

Fertilizer Friday



ONG said...

Love the pumpkin story! I've never tried them as they seem a bit high maintenance but I think you hit the jackpot. I may now be inspired though to give it a whirl.

Granny said...

Check out this site. It should give you all the info you need to grow pumpkins.

Janice said...

We have problems with the squash borer when we grow pumpkins. To help prevent this, use copper dust on the plants. I know you are organic in your gardens. I can't say if the copper would qualify as anti-organic :). Good Luck! Ummm Pupmkin Bread for this fall?

Karen said...

Sandy, We grow pumpkins here every year, but I have to admit, we don't coddle them in any way, shape or form. (We also don't grow award-winning pumpkins, either, lol) They are pretty tough for us. The plants really spread out, don't they? We have to curb their growth or they'd take over the yard. I'll be watching to see what hints other readers have; I'm sure I'll learn something about growing pumpkins.