Guest Room Quilt

Several months ago I re did what was once a bland guest room.  When my town house was built, some 30 years ago, this space was meant to be a den.
  I always have a guest spend the night, or weeks with us, so I made it into the perfect little guest space. (when I have a couple come, I give up my room and this little space is mine for the duration).

Once the guest room was finished I called it my "Garden Guest Room".
It had so many cottage/garden items and floral patterns,  but not a nice quilt.
So, I started a new one but had so many other projects going in the house
this quilt was only worked on maybe one day a week, if that!

 I'm happy to say, "It's finally finished"

I love to sit quietly and hand quilt.  I see the wonderful machines that will do
the quilting for you  but I so love to stitch it myself. So much more personal.  I don't use elaborate stitches, just a wiggly line stitch.
I found this type of stitch along with 'low loft' batting keeps the quilt light and airy.

 I'm happy with the colors and floral patterns, they all seem to blend in with the garden theme I'm after.

Ok.. room ready for the next guest... 

Sister Dolly,, come on, new soft quilt for you!

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Lisa said...

That's beautiful, and handmade is always more special. You must be very patient.


Ella said...

I like the bright colors!

Victoria Paige said...

Such a pretty quilt. I need to learn to hand quilt. It seems very relaxing, not to mention portable.

Those ruffled pillows are to die for!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

You did a great job. I have always wanted to learn to quilt. I should start small. It is so pretty!

Granny said...

The quilt is beatiful. I love the bright prints. It looks like a very inviting room for your guests.