Guest Room

For the past year I have been going from room to room in my house transforming each into new light... White!  
I finally got to the small little room toted as "Den or Office".  I don't have a need for an office so it was made into a small guest room.  I always have someone staying with me for a day or a few months... this room has turned into my sisters room really. She comes once a year for a few months and it's so dark and dingie..... I got to it this past week.  Painted everything in there, White!
It now looks like a little garden room.

This is how it looked for about three years.

I'll tell you, it's so small but it has a nice size closet and is perfect for a twin bed and a dresser but not much else. I did try a full bed but it took up all the space. When I have more than one person staying I usually give up my room and I take this little space.

The first thing I did was paint the dresser and night stand with primer and then white enamel. I do plan on distressing with a glaze but it's going to be a busy few weeks for me so that will be held off for a while..  Then I primed and painted the walls in a simple flat white.

 Once painted this room seemed to grow more space.. looked so much larger and brighter!

 I let it all dry for about two days then got to work decorating. I took all sorts of items from around the house.  A bit of left over fabric for a new valance and chair cover, I even made a small throw pillow for the bed. Hung a huge mirror on the side wall and what a difference!

My neighbor was going to toss a little bird house and that took it's place hung from a cup hook on the ceiling just over the bed.

 The little night stand needed a doily of sorts. I had a bit of cotton with white and green.... 

 Yep, that will work so I sat and did a quick single crochet topper... perfect touch!

I think my sister or any guest will enjoy the feeling of this little room.
I put up a chair rail a few years ago, thinking it would help with the look, but once the room was painted white it seemed to disappear into the wall, so I used another white paint that had a cool gray look to it, with the hopes of bringing it out.. but now I think it needs another color? Suggestions  will be appreciated.....
All the windows in my townhouse are tinted to keep out the harsh sun of Florida.
I just noticed how it brings a blue hue to the look...
The really nice thing about this make over is I bought nothing to add to it.. everything I used I already owned!

Amazing what a little paint can do!
I just got a call from my sister and she
should be here for her winter visit the
first week of October.. I'm ready!
And oh so happy!

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J. Paige said...

It takes so much work to transform a room and now it looks so inviting- good job!

Granny J said...

Your sister is gonna love it. Let me know when it's vacant again, okay? lol You're right, it looks much bigger white and you picked the perfect accesories. Love the conforter on the bed and the pretty pillows.

Sunny Day said...

Personally I wouldn't paint the chair rail. Since the room is small, don't you think it would cut the room and maybe make it look smaller? If you feel that you just have to paint it, then I would pick up a color in the room, but maybe a lighter shade.

La said...

Your guest room is light, cheerful and inviting. Nice job!

Have a great weekend! La

dollygk said...

Sandy, my dear, you did a really darling job of decorating!!! I will love staying in this cute room, and as usual, I'll LOVE visiting with you this year.

Connie W said...

It's perfect! What a difference white paint makes!

I'd love to stay in that room....

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a difference some paint can make! Love the new look, so bright and clean. The green is so pretty in there. I like the chair rail as is but others might have some suggestions.

Karen said...

What an amazing transformation! The room looks so light and airy and pretty. I'm sure all of your guests will be so comfy when they come to visit. I certainly could use your decorating expertise here with my old hut...

Ellen said...

Its adorable! The white and green is clean and fresh, and would totally make a girl feel like she's napping in the garden. Isn't it amazing what a little paint will do? I like the chair rail grey - it gives it just a bit of a highlight without making it stand out too much. I'd be afraid that a really contrasting color (like grass green or an aqua) might chop the room in half & make it feel smaller. Kind of like how they say petite ladies shouldn't wear horizontal stripes? I love the green trim on your window shade too. Adds a special custom touch!

Lourie said...

She will be in heaven. It's a very lovely place to sleep. And yes, it is amazing what a little paint can do.

Meg said...

Very cute! I love the new color scheme. The white really does make it seem more open and inviting. Great job!
I would love it if you linked to my weekend link party! Have a wonderful day!

The Stylish House said...

This is a sweet room. It has nice proportions and it looks welcoming. My suggestion for paint would be either a soft sage green like SW Grasslands or a soft muted pink tone for under the chair rail. I would use a semi gloss or gloss white for the actual chair rail to make it pop a little. It looks nice as it is, but I think painting would give it even more charm.
I appreciated your last comment on my blog. You hit the nail on the head. We are thrilled for Heather, but a bit nervous. I know she must have this, but I’m saying lots of prayers. I’ve missed blogging and I plan on starting up again soon. I’ve been doing lots around my place and taking photos for posts. Take care.
Hugs, Cathy

Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

WOW! That looks great! I LOVE the crisp white look -- and I'm in love with that green! Wonderful job!!

the cape on the corner said...

i can't believe how different it looks. i absolutely love this!

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

Very nice! Love it.

angie on maui said...

Wow - what a huge transformation using paint alone! Nice work!

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

I love the change just paint and a pretty quilt made...I also like the painted furniture. Trish said...

wow! your guest room looks fabulous!
I love paint!
thanks for linking up and linking back to me.

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE your redecorated bedroom! So pretty!

You sure get a lot done!