Maya and Tessa

My daughter Cyndi lives in West Palm Beach and her patio looks out on a lake with a tree on a small island. The tree is the night home to a large number of Egrets. They come to roost at sunset and the view is amazing. 
Maya and Tessa have their spot for viewing the birds and they get so excited at the same time each day, knowing the birds will soon come home.

There must be hundreds  of these beautiful Egrets in the tree as the evening turns into night.  The birds make a lot of noise while fighting for space, then they settle down to sleep only to wake at the crack of dawn and fly away for the day.

Egret and Ducks are one of the many animals and birds in this lake. They also have a gator or two and Iguanas are known to walk around just outside her door.

 If you notice in the first photo, the bush just outside of the screening on the porch, the "Sea Grape" bush. These bushes/trees are protected here in Florida and it is against the law to cut one down.

Sea Grape


 Tessa and Maya

Tessa is just a baby and has come to love her big sister Maya. Here they are doing what they do best, play.
I'm not sure if the subject of this post is about  Maya and Tessa or the Egrets?  In any case it's about the great outdoors and the beautiful spot my daughter lives and her two kitties. 

I can't leave out my Rikki. 
Would'nt want her to feel left out. Rikki turned 15 this past April. She has been with the family since we rescued her in the Ft. Lauderdale animal shelter when she was just 8 weeks. 
Now the post is about Maya, Tessa, the Egrets, my daughter #1, the great outdoors, the Sea Grapes and Rikki.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Well I love the post and the photos of the kitties waiting for the egrets!! Oh an Rikki is adorable also!

Lourie said...

I love the pic of the kitties in the bag. Hahaha. So cute.

Granny J said...

Great pictures. Isn't it funny, you can buy all kinds of cat toys but give them a bag and they're happy as can be. Mine used to love to play in a big paper grocery bag.

Sunny Day said...

My cats used to like the big grocery bags too. Just like kids, it doesn't take a "toy" to make them happy.