"Recovering Dining Room Chairs"

While at my daughters this past week she asked if I would help  recover her dining room chairs.
Her dining room table and chairs are of a really beautiful design and  the chair covers have seen better days.  We went to JoAnns and picked out some nice designer fabric then home for her first lesson on how to do this.  
She found out how easy it was.
The photo does not show the true color.  It's called Kiwi Green and has a black floral design going through it.  Such a difference from the simple cream color of the previous seat covers.

We used foam to give the seats a new feel since time has made them rather uncomfortable.
I showed Cyndi how to remove the seats, from the bottom with a screw driver.  "Wow, that was easy", she said.  Then we laid the seat cushion over the foam and new fabric and cut to size.

We then used the staple gun to hold it all together. 
Again Cyndi said, "This is easier than I thought"!

After trimming the fabric around the staples we then began to put the seats on the chair until her battery powered screw driver ran out of juice.  So while her driver was plugged in for the night,  it all was left until the morning.  Then we realized the screw driver just did not have the power to get the screws in.  We both did not have the power to use a hand screw driver.  We were off to the Home Depot for an electric drill.   
The new drill with a screw bit worked like a charm.
We  had to laugh when we both said, at the same time, "As Tim Allen would say on his TV show, Tool Time", with a growl in his voice.
"Need more power"!

The seat cushions turned out so nice and now that Cyndi knows how easy some home projects are, she wants to do more. A valance over the sliding glass door in the same fabric is next. Cyndi does not sew so I'll be giving her some refresher lessons from the ones  she had from me years ago, that she never took an interest in.  I think now she might have a new appreciation for sewing.
But first I'll finish the sofa pillows that are being made to blend the living room with the dining room chairs. I brought the pillows and fabric home with me.  More on that another time.

Since Cyndi has had her own place I've been trying to give her pointers on home improvement projects and I think other than cross stitch, this might just be her first  fabric project.  
I know how proud she must feel when she looks at the difference in the new seating. 
It makes me smile to see my two girls decorating and taking an interest in their own homes.

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Granny said...

That's a beautiful dining room set. I love the material she picked and the chairs look comfy with the added foam.

Karen said...

Hi Sandy, well, like mother, like daughters! With a mom like you and all that you take on, of course they will follow in your footsteps.

Love the new chair covers, such a pretty change.

Gypsy Heart said...

I have to say I feel the same re: reupholstering. I have an antique sofa that really is my daughter's. Seems I have "custody" of it. :-)
It has nailheads alllllllll along the arms and the back where the wood is. Wanna come over & help? I really think I've seen enough people do this that I will have some nerve to try it soon.

Great job on her chairs. I'm sure she's more confident now and will be doing a lot more. Good for you, Mom!


Pondside said...

What a difference a small bit of fabric can make. It looks like you and your daughter had fun!

Darla said...

Great job! I love how you are helping your daughter learn/relearn some of these tips.....

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that fabric is so pretty, and how great to be able to pass skills onto the next generation!

Honey at 2805 said...

That fresh green fabric is so pretty! Nice job!

Thank you for linking your lovely decor to Potpourri Friday!