Saturday finds

 "And now I have three"
One more time, AWWWWW
Yes, It's Garage Sale day and I went to three community sales.. there must have been a hundred homes selling and although I so enjoy wandering I must admit, I got tired. 

But first I went out and found "Three Baby Birds" in the nest this morning..  Mom left the nest to find some food for her brood so it was easy to get in the space to take a photo or two... their so small.  No sounds from these little ones but I'm sure in a few days they will be chirping away.
"Such beautiful sounds for the soul"

Today I was on a hunt for three somethings (?) I'll know them when I see them, to put on the wall over my bed.  Nothing out there that turned me on.. but I did find this nice Angel on canvas needlepoint.  This will be good for me when I get into the need to sit mode.  It  comes on me about once a month and may last for days.
She will look nice in a pillow or for a wall hanging?

Best part, it was all of .25c. 

"Boy did I spend a lot of money today"

My A/C  is on, it's so hot.  91' right now  in this part of the country.
A good beach day for those in SoFla.

"Have a great weekend"



Victoria said...

Just sayin' hi! I've been looking at a bunch of your posts today....

You know how it is, I'm sure--You find yourself at a blog that you've never seen, wonder how you ended up there, and get interested in something that was posted...

--well, the Rays are playing, my hubby's calling me to come watch with him! Enjoy your Saturday!

Granny said...

So tomorrow will all four of the eggs probably be hatched?

Jingle said...

I bet you have fun shopping.

bless you.

Awards for you, thanks for the support!

Bless your talent.

Happy Saturday!


Jenny said...

There were community garage sales all over the place here this week, too. I resisted. I didn't want to but my list of chores was much greater than my time allowance.

The baby birds are precious.