wind chime

How I spent my Sunday afternoon. I rebuilt my broken wind chime.

After a stormy night last week, I went out to find my very old wind chime laying in a heap on the ground... broken in so many pieces.  The wood that holds the string for each chime broke in two. Leaving a pile of parts. I guess it was time. This wind chime has been hanging in the tree for almost 5 years. 
Now that I have the above photo taken, today I notice the trees are all bursting out in new leaves... only one week ago they were completely bare?  Was nice to have the sun out back for the winter.... this is why I can't grow veggies.
Oh well, back to the wind chime.
I really hated to loose this chime, it made the sweetest sound on windy days and nights.

I carefully collected all the parts and laid them out wondering if it was at all possible for me to put it all back together?

Why not?  
I got out some scrap wood, my saw and drill then sat down to think.
How can I repair it?
I would have to cut a new circle of wood and put in holes for the string.

I cut the wood for the wire to thread through.. used my drill to put in 6 holes then thought of the wire or string?  What would work and not fall apart in time...
The Fishing Pole... yes, Fishing wire!  If the fishing wire would hold a 40lb fish why not the wind chime?
So I sat with an Iced Coffee and patiently threaded the fishing wire through each chime then up through the wood circle I cut... this went on for almost a half an hour until I had each lined up perfectly.
Drilled a hole for the part that will touch the chimes when the wind blows and it worked... A cup hook was screwed into the top and another heavy duty string to dangle from the tree... 
This was quite a save..... it worked!

Now the sweet sounds of my wind chime can be heard all night just outside the sliding doors of my bedroom.
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grammy and papi said...

I'm a wind chime lover too. Glad you were able to repair yours.

Have a God Filled Day

CAS said...

Oh, I'm so glad you were able to save your wind chime. We have a couple & really do enjoy that wonderful sound. I really enjoyed your previous post on How Wasteful the Older Generation Was... Would today's generation have even tried to repair a broken wind chime? Hmmmm......

Karen said...

Sandy, another 'Green Thing' saved, instead of buying new, you fixed the old wind chime which will now sound even sweeter as it blows gently in the breeze outside your window.

Granny said...

I love windchimes. Glad you took the time to save that beautiful chime.

Darla said...

You are so handy Sandy! Nice save.