Gathering Herbs


My Herbs are growing literally everywhere.
In pots on the deck, the upstairs balcony and out in the front of the house, where they get the most sun.

Greek Oregano

Italian Oregano


Garlic Chives


 The Tarragon and Thyme are growing in the Topsy Tervy, Basil in pots that have been covered to keep the critters out. For some reason the birds love to pick at the leaves?


Once the plants are a good size I start to harvest them. This gives each plant a chance at regrowth.  Each is washed and sorted. I think the only plant that I did not start from seeds is the Rosemary... this plant must be 5 years old. I've seen them in neighbors yards as bushes, they grow so big. Mine don't get that big because I keep cutting them.

Then the stems are removed.  

I place each in a disposal baking pan left out at room temperature.  They dry so fast this way and I never need to find space to hang them upside down... 

The drying Herbs take about 4 or 5 days.  Then I use my kitchen scissors to cut them into tiny pieces and store in plastic containers.  
I love to cook and use many of these Herbs in all my food. They add such a wonderful, sharper flavor than the dried that may be in those jars for years before you even buy them.

I noticed today my Micro Lettuce has sprouted.
When I make salad I just pinch a few leaves all summer long. 
Do you notice the Peanut Plant to the left of the photo.  Yes, the squirrels managed to dig a hole to hide their treat..... I'll let it grow and see how many I might get in a few months... just pull the plant and the roots will be the peanuts...then give them to the squirrels again.

I'm so happy "Summer is here in SoFla"...... I know, it's only Spring up North but it was 92' today here.
I call that Summer!

"Happy Gardening" 

I'm joining these linky parties

Fertilizer Friday 



blessedmom's simple home said...

Hi Sandy,
Thank you so much for your sweet comments for my nephew Jordan. He is a hero to our family, and it is so encouraging to here the well wishes from others.

Thank you too for the herb info. I have basil, cilantro and mint growing, but haven't tried some of the others. I didn't realize how easy it was to dry all of these other herbs.


Granny said...

Your plants all look great. I planted about half the mint seeds you sent me. I'm gonna plant the other half in a couple of weeks. It's finally warm enough here to work in the yard without a winter jacket and gloves on.

Val said...

So you lay the herbs in the disposable pans for a few days and they dry just like that. Do you wash them first?

siteseer said...

Thanks for the info on drying the herbs. I don't cook too much with herbs... just never got into it. Gonna have to go through more of my cook books and find more uses then grow some.