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Now that I have the 'fireplace wall unit   finished it was time to pull the old carpeting.   I was up early and got to it with my really sharp paring knife... it was really easy to cut and I was so ready to put it out in the trash!

Good bye ugly carpeting!

The one thing that was the most work was pulling the side wood that has all the nails in it, to hold the carpet along the wall board.  My poor hands are sore from building the wall unit, now I had to pull this.  It had so many nails holding it to the concrete.  Later  I will have to patch the holes before I can paint it.  

What a mess it was!  But I was in luck, Mr. N came home and gave me a hand. He pulled and I cleaned as he went along.  
While I was cleaning the dust and pulling nails I thought of all the people up in the North today, stuck in the snow and cold weather.  It's hot here today, well hotter than it's been for months.. in the 70's.   Just know, "I'm thinking of you all and wish your safe and warm"!

I spent the better part of 5 hours pulling nails and cleaning the dusty floor.. it was so dirty and my vacuum  kept getting clogged with the dust. Time to bring out the mop.  It was so much easier to get the drywall dust cleaned away.
This carpet was laid on such a large amount of white drywall dust.. wonder if all new homes are the same?   Like the contractors do not clean the concrete before the carpets are installed.. it was nasty!   I so hate wall to wall carpet!  Especially for the Mr.  who  has asthma and suffers from it!  We were lucky, the living room was the only room to have such carpet.
I'm happy to say the concrete floor is smooth and no need to sand or level any spots.  Now to make the decision as what color to paint it?

The "Ikea"  truck came today and delivered my new sofa.. (Faux Pottery Barn) and me and the Mr. put it together.. so easy!  Then we laid out the new extra large throw carpet I also got at "Ikea"  Put the sofa in place and tried to make the "What Color" to paint the concrete decision?

Notice Mr N's feet in the above photo,  he had enough of me  and said loudly,  "No more work for me today"!

I have no idea what color to paint the concrete?   I laid a shelf from my birds stand next to the tile that runs throughout my entire downstairs.  It's a tan color, I thought this might be right?  Then my neighbor came over and told me "Grey"... look at the color of the concrete, why not paint it Grey?  Mr. N.  said, "White".. hmmmm?  No, that is not right either!
 Then I got a call from my daughter in Palm Beach and she also said, "Grey". We will see tomorrow?

I'm so undecided on the color!   Please, anyone who has a suggestion for the color of the concrete floor, leave a comment.  The above photo shows my terracotta tile and the new   throw rug that will lay on the concrete! 
Tomorrow I'm off to the "Home Depot" to make the choice for paint color .. might just bring home a few samples?   
My brain is tired tonight and I just don't want to make a decision....decisions, decisions?

To be continued........

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Leslie said...

I hope you're taking some advil before going to bed tonight.. It's funny, I can so relate as I pulled up carpet in my living room before Christmas and your tack strips looked just like mine.. OHHHH my back and knees hurt after ripping them up. Under my floor though was hardwood flooring that I'm going to get refinished, but in the mean time is ok.. it's a major change in my living room.. one day I'll put up a post about it..

I agree.. I think Grey would look good.. it joins all the other colors you have..

Good luck and great job! And, yes, I'm one of those "up North" iced in bloggers who is screaming for Spring.. :)

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Your tile seems to have a touch of grey in it. Maybe grey will be the color?
Come on tomorrow! I can't wait to see what color you choose.
I can't choose paint colors. I'm so indecisive about that stuff. I usually choose Ooops! paint
My living room recently got painted Ooops! paint grey (it took so long to decide because I had several cans and colors of Ooops! paint in my stash to choose from) too many choices.
I'll check back!

Pondside said...

I vote for grey. In the photo with the bit of feet, the grey looks really good around the edge of the area rug. Go for it! I think tan would be too much.

Janice said...

My suggestion might only add more choices to mix into your decision on floor paint color.
Have you considered a concrete stain instead of paint?? The overall look would be more subtle than paint.
Whatever you decide, I am sure it will be lovely.
Geez my hubby would have a fit if I tried to pull of projects like this. Glad Mr.N plays along!!

Karen said...

Ohhhhhh Sandy.......what a lot of work! I don't know how you do it all. I hope you do take some Advil so you get a good night's rest. We yanked our wall to wall carpet out last May and I know how much work it was.

As far as color goes, I'm not great with interior decorating, so I'm of no help. I do like the color of the tile in your kitchen very much. Gray would be pretty, and so would a nice, warm tan. I just know whatever you come up with will look spectacular. I've said it before, but I could SO use your help here with our house when we finally get to remodeling, this place needs help. We have walls to rip out and oh, the list goes on and on. I might very well email you floor plans for your advice when we get to that point, because you have such great talent.

Don't work too hard, please!

Anonymous said...

Goodness but you are bysy... great going sis!! Grey does seem to be the better color here and in the pictures it's good.

Granny said...

Love your new couch. I would be no help with choosing color. I'm the one with all white walls because I can't decide what color to paint them. I threaten to go buy a can of oops paint for each room and just go with that. lol

Your room looks amazing in the photo with the new white couch, the white coffee table and of course your gorgeous fireplace mantle and bookcases. I know that whatever color you choose for the concrete will be gorgeous. I would check out the concrete stain. It might work bettern than paint. By the way, could you email me some sunshine? ;)

Anonymous said...

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