Crochet Tablecloth

For almost a year now my daughter has been looking for a tablecloth, any kind of table cloth, but one that fit on her triangle glass table.  She has been using sheets that were not very fashionable.  She told me she was on the internet looking for one as she does not have the stores we here in the States have.. I laughed and told her "We here in the States can't find a triangle table cloth either"!
She asked me "If I would make her one"  I did not have access to the table to know the size... "Well", she said, "It is 65" from one tip to another, as if that would help me, but I gave it a try!

We talked about making the cloth with fabric, one she could wash and not worry about stains.  Then I went on a fabric search.. sure there are lots of cotton/linen that could be used but none wide enough to make a table cloth without seams... 

"Crochet", that would be perfect.  I could start it with a teeny triangle and continue from there.  I love to crochet and this one was done without a pattern.. I just went round and round.  Once it was large enough I laid it on the floor and measured from one tip to another to get the 65" she needed.  Then I added another 11" to be sure of a over hang.

The only problem for me, it was not getting large enough, fast enough.  It took me for what seemed like forever to complete.. I did not clock my time but I think it was about a months worth of sittings each night. Was good for my spare time.  I also have no idea how many balls of thread I used but I was thrifty and only bought a ball when I had my 40% off coupon from JoAnns. Can't tell you how many times I went into that store for more balls... Also, I didn't count how many balls I bought, did not want to scare myself with the cost of this tablecloth.  It was for my baby girl after all!

Gina has her table cloth now and sent photos of it on her table.
I want it back to add more rows.  Seems a bit short to me, but she is happy with it.
I still have the crochet tablecloth my Mom made me many years ago and I'm hoping Gina will enjoy it as much as I did mine.

Look how nice it is on her table.  

She told me "Now I can have people over without putting on a Sheet"!
But then, she said, "Everyone uses sheets because they can't find tablecloths"
The commissary only sells small rectangle cloths and no one likes them.

My daughter likes to keep me busy. (She has three baby boys)  See the sectional sofa in the background of the above photo.  She asked me if I can help her make 'slip covers' for it.
Long distance slip covers. I'm in Florida, she is in Guam.  
"I'll send you the measurements", she said!
Silly girl!

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a beautiful table cloth, it will become and heirloom! You are so talented, I bet not many people could make a cloth like that without a pattern! I think the length is just right, if you get it much longer people will catch it with their knees and pull the cloth off...YIKKES Bet you could start a little cottage business there at the base!


Pondside said...

Hmmmm - slipcoverss ship really well in old tent bags or sleeping bag covers....just saying...........

Karen said...

Sandy, your daughter's tablecloth is gorgeous. What a keepsake for her to treasure. I am always amazed by people who can just sit down and make something so beautiful without a pattern. It adds such an elegant touch to her table.

So, when will you be starting on the slip covers??

Tootsie said...

what a beautiful gift! I bet she loves it more than any she could ever have gotten in a store! It means so much more coming from mom...and being hand made!
I used to crochet a lot when I was a girl...all the way through college I would dump loads of crocheted items on my mom and other members of the family.
I am sure they are a bit relieved that I don't have time to do much
I hope you will have a good week!

Tootsie said...

oh one more thing...I sent you an email earlier...if you do not get it..please drop over and let me know! *)

Florrie said...

Such a beautiful tablecloth, I can see a lot of work went into the making of it, but so worth it.
florrie x

Granny said...

That tablecloth is truly a work of art. I'm sure she will treasure it forever. I think the drop of it is perfect. Any longer and it might catch on the person's clothing. I could never make something like that without a pattern. Heck I probably couldn't make one with a pattern. You just amaze me woman! By the way, could you send me some of your Florida sunshine? I need it to melt all the ice we have. ;)

Designs on 47th Street said...

This tablecloth is amazing! It looks so pretty on your daughter's table. I am just in awe that you would think to make a triangular tablecloth! :) Such a good mom you are and I am more than sure your daughter appreciates you very much. I have never crocheted with thread, only yarn. It's on my to do list.... :)


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh my goodness what an awesome job you did such a labor of love. It is absolutely beautiful!It makes her table look gorgeous and I am sure she will enjoy it for years to come!

Sunny Day said...

Aren't mothers supposed to be able to do anything? So, why can't you make slipcovers by long distance ;-).

Oh well, maybe one of these days.

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

I could never ever do anything so pretty as that!!~ Patience....oh how pretty it is though. I bet you are going ot have some peeps fighting over that now:) Have a great day.

Something Nice and Pretty said...

That is so gorgeous, what a lucky girl your daughter is! Slipcovers thur the mail, well if anyone can do it I'm sure it will be you!

Have a great day!