Bonnie Fizzled out...

As you all know "TS #2", other wise known as "Bonnie" fizzled out. But, before the storm started heading our way,  then aimed herself at the  "Gulf"...   I "almost" had a really nice surprise!

This past Thursday my "Son" was going to surprise me and drive down from New Orleans to visit on his 4 day leave..

I'm a "Proud Momma" and have not seen him in quite some time.. He is a  "Lt. USCG" and has been in the upper "Gulf" directing a team of "Coast Guard Personnel" with the clean up of the Oil Spill... Well, they gave him 4 days off... so on Thursday he set out for the 8 hr drive to "Clearwater"  to see me... "When he got the call" ..... "Come Back".. we have to evacuate the Gulf waters  because "Bonnie, TS  #2" was on the way this weekend... Poor guy already drove into Florida and sent me a cell phone photo of the "Welcome to Florida sign" just to prove it...

Thats my boy!!

I don't think I need to say "How Proud of him I am" for all his dedication to the spill and the work he does.. He has been in the CG since right after High School.. yes 19 years now.  I think he is a bit disappointed with his call to the Gulf though.. He lives in upper Michigan, right on the Canadian Border where he inspects vessels in the waters there.  He just got married on July 2, and had to leave his new bride for almost two months with this duty... But as I said, "He is dedicated to his work" and I'm sure Michelle understands.

honeymoon photo, "Michelle and Tom"

Hopefully "T" will get a bit more time off after the Storm leaves the area? I'm just praying, now that all the personnel and ships in the Gulf must leave for a few days, the storm does not do more damage to the oil floating around the waters.. let it stay in the waters and not be pushed up into the marshlands.

When I walked out the back door this morning I felt the difference in the air.. it's kinda 'greenie' out and the wind has picked up... you can always tell when a storm is brewing, even tho it's miles away.
So I thought I'd better get a shot of my "Trumpet Tree". It's in full bloom this morning and the storm will totally destroy the flowers.

The flowers are about 6-8" long and 4" wide and so beautiful. But, very delicate and only last bout two days.

Hopefully "Bonnie" will just be a "Wet Event" and not cause much trouble to all those working so hard in the "Gulf"

My hat is off to everyone dedicated to 'Containing' the oil!   
"Job Well Done" to all involved..
Now, "Go away Bonnie"!!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a handsome and dedicated son you have! Go away Bonnie is right. We do not need any more damage to our Gulf Coast! Love your Trumpet Tree....really pretty.

Nancy's Notes said...

Go away Bonnie! What a beautiful post about your wonderful, handsome and dedicated son, my hat's off to him and all involved too! I am so sorry he was called back, I know you must miss him so and I am sure his understanding bride must too!

Oh my, what gorgeous Trumpet Tree blooms!


Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

Okay, you caught my attention with the name Bonnie, since that is my name!! My hubby said that it will probably be a doozy since it has my same name!

Very appreciative of your son and his service. That spill is just a nightmare. I don't think we know the full extent of how it will affect us all yet.

Good luck and hope Bonnie isn't too bad for everyone!

Karen said...

What a handsome son and thanks to him for his service! I hope the storm passes right on by with no more damage.

Your trumpet tree is absolutely gorgeous!


Linda said...

Yes, you should be so proud of your son...he is doing very important work down there. He is very handsome too! I hope you just get some rain from Bonnie. I think hurranines and big storms would be very scary...we don't get those kinds of events here!

I just bought one of those trumpet trees for my son and his finance for their yard. It has yellow flowers. Very pretty. I love your pink one!

Granny J said...

What a handsome son you have. I'll be praying that Bonnie is a mild storm. The gulf has had enough problems.

Inspired2cook said...

Hopefully Bonnie will pass by and not leave a disaster in her wake! We don't have hurricanes out here in the Pacific Northwest (thank goodness)! Tell your son thank you for all his hard work & dedication!!
p.s. Love your black-eyed susans!

Anita@GoingALittleCoastal said...

I'm sorry you didn't get to spend time with your son. I know how hard it is to be far away from them. Hopefully he will get another chance.

We are just getting rain here and a bit of thunder. The rain was welcome. It helped with the heat some.

Darla said...

My hats off to men like this. I am in North Florida and we can't get either channel to give a Bonnie update right now because of the tornado warning/watch in New York. I love angel trumpet trees, mine looks like yours.

Lourie said...

Bonnie you big Bully! My hubby was in the CG for 20 years. He retired in 07 as a Chief Petty Officer. Tell your son thank you for his service.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, your Trumpet Tree is gorgeous, Sandy! Hoping Bonnie will zip by no problem, and your 'T' can come stay for a nice visit soon!!!

Wendy said...

Tell him thank you for all his dedication and hard work! Where are they standing for their honey moon picture? Cute couple.
Your trumpet tree is beautiful! I've heard of a vine, but not a they need sun most of the yeat? Wonder if they would survive a Pa winter? I'll have to look it up!
Take care :)
Wendy said...

Sandy, you have very good reason to be proud of your son! Upper michigan is a long, long way from momma! :( How sad he got so close only to have to turn back.
I hope that he and all of those wonderful people stay safe!
Lovely tree! I have a tropical hibiscus and it's blooms last barely a day. They are so beautiful, but are quickly gone.
I hope you've had a good weekend. I missed the news today, I have no idea where bonnie is.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we have trumpet trees in this area. Not something I know, and being that beautiful I am sure I would notice.

Even though I am far away from oceans and oil, I want to send my appreciation as well for the work your son is doing.

zentmrs said...

Love your trumpet trees! We only ever see white ones here. I love the pink! Thanks for sharing!

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Hope the weather improves so your son can make it to your place. Thank you for sharing the pictures of the trumpet tree--it is glorious!

~Holly~ said...

Gorgeous trumpets! Love the pretty colors in summer!

Holly said...

The way you talk about your son...I can feel the pride. It is a wonderful thing to read. Thank him for his service and thank you for raising such a great and dedicated man!

The Smith's said...

so nice to hear another proud military mom :) thanks for linking up!!