30 years

Looking back at the  past 30 years I'm amazed I'm still here to talk about this...
I married the most amazing, crazy man,  who has put up with so many of my alter egos.  We have children and family who have taken us in so many different directions.. We also have shared a love that would rival 
"Bogie and Bacall" 
Together we worked long hours, side by side, creating our dream business. Moved several times to different States and finally settled in Florida to enjoy our retirement. An Illness that almost took my life brought us back to see the light, the one that glowed in our early days.
Times have been hard for the two of us and also a delight to see how far we have come together.  
Here I sit at my laptop thinking back.  The babies we cradled and raised to adulthood. How proud we are of all our kids and they have brought us both great joy and sadness. No matter, their our kids and we love them with all our heart. It's funny how kids can teach 'us' how to be adults. We give up so much to make their lives happy and healthy... Now I look back and I'm proud of me for the mom I was and am. Although all of our kids are off and on their own, with children of their own, "how I miss their day to day being in my home". I want them to come back, then I don't, because I know they have their own lives. But it's tough when you devote your entire being into raising good responsible kids,  "They leave" (I say that with a big smile).

Oh, the things this past 30 years have taught me. How to share, how to give, how to love and how to do with and without...Know what, "I would not change anything in the past 30 years".. well maybe one thing, "I'd like to be given the chance to hold my new born babies, just one more time"...

All I can think tonight is "Whow, I've been married for 30 years".. sounds like a long time.. but, how the years have flown by... so many people have come into my life and also how many people have left it... Two very important people, that I miss more than I can say,,"My Mom" and "My Brother". They both thought this marriage "would never last"..haha, so many people thought the same thing when we first married.... 
I guess I could "sugar coat" the years but I'll be honest.. we all have our up's and down's in marriage, but we finally  found a way to stick it out and make it work.. we got over the hard times, hung in there, and found out we want to be together. Sometimes I think more people need to work harder at marriage.. most give up much too easy when times get tough.   
When two people have everything they want and need, what do you get for your husband on this special day?  Don't laugh, "A package of Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies". Of all the things on this Earth, "Cookies" would make him smile the most.

July 19

"Happy Anniversary" to Mr. Neither and I.. Whow!


Something Nice and Pretty said...

I loved your post...happy anniversery to you both!
I too would love to hold them all once again in my arms but they are all growed and on their own!


Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

Happy Anniversary! Great post. I am your newest follower, just one more and you are at 200! Way to go! Have a great week.
Bonnie :)

Debbie said...

This post gave me a catch in my throat in several places. I think the cookies are wondefully sweet.

Happy Anniversary, from the biggest romantic in the blogosphere.

Granny J said...

Happy Anniversary Sandy. I can relate when you say marriages have their rough times. I have always said that any married couple who say they've never had an argument or disagreement are either lieing about it or never spent any time together. Hope you have another 30 years together.

Lourie said...

You are so right when you say people don't take time to work it out. It's a work in progress. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you both!