Gardenias for May Day

Every May 1st, as I was growing up my Mom would give flowers to those she cared about, for "May Day" 
She called it a "May Basket" and would slip the handle of the basket filled with Spring flowers on the door knob of their house or room.

Since I can't hang a basket of Spring flowers on your door knobs,  I thought of sharing my Gardenias with all of you.

 The Gardenia bush has started to fade... literally a hundred blooms came and went in about 6 days.  Today I brought in as many as I could save into the house.

 This is one flowering bush I wish would bloom all summer long.  But as we all know Mother Nature has chosen only a short time during the Spring to display these wonderful flowers.

I have the vase of these beautiful flowers standing on my desk and the fragrance is overwhelming at first, but such a 
lovely smell.

"Happy May"
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Granny said...

The gardenias are beautiful. That was my mother in law's favorite flower. She always wore a gardenia scented perfume that had a very light fragrance.

Grandma Nina said...

Hi Sandy,
Happy May Day to you, too. Your gardenias are beautiful. I wish we had more flowers blooming around here right now. We're just now getting some buds on the trees.
Enjoy your May Day!

Melynda said...

stopping by from an Oregon Cottage, to say hello. Gardenias are so pretty, and they smell lovely too! thanks for sharing.