If I did not know how wild mushrooms could kill me, if I ate them, I might have taken these beauties into my kitchen and stuffed and baked them..  
Look how Big they are.
When we go through weeks of rain as we have this past few months, the wild mushrooms usually take over my lawn.


 There I was, to the amusement of my neighbors, in the grass when the sun first came up, to get a few shots of these really beautiful, perfectly formed, Mushrooms!


  My reasons for being out at the crack of dawn was to inspect my front steps and walk way.
A Tree root has grown to the point of moving my walk way out of shape and soon someone was  going to trip and fall.  Then I'll have to pay for them to mend their broken leg!


 While I waited for the lawn guys to arrive to remove the entire sidewalk, I pulled all the planting in the space, then I measured the area for brand new paver's to not only replace the sidewalk, but to create a front patio of sorts.  One I can put a bench or a white wooden rocker, foot stool and a glass of Ice Tea,  while I sit outside and work on my blog or read.  This is the space that will be my next project.

I feel like "Ma" on the Golden Girls,,, 
Picture this, Sicily 2011.... Beautiful terra cotta pavers in a really nice design covering the entire area.  No dirt or plants of any kind in the ground  (well, some really nice potted plants of course),  to create a front patio of sorts..
A window box? 
That is a decision for another time?

Good bye ugly, wet, dirty front!
And NO, I did not cook those really beautiful Mushrooms!
To be continued!

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Darla said...

You better not cook those shroons!! I do enjoy looking at them too though. Good luck on your big project and I love the Golden Girls. I have a new blog http://hundredsofideas.wordpress.com had to change because of an idiot relative. Hope you will visit.

Ashleigh said...

Those were great photos. At least you can enjoy observing the mushrooms. Thanks for sharing!

Visiting from the Tuesday Hop.

Karen said...

I wouldn't know the difference between poisonous mushrooms and the nonlethal ones, but I'm safe because I don't even like the edible ones, lol.

Your new patio area is going to be wonderful, can't wait to see the progress on it.

Karen said...

I love photographing mushrooms. These are beauties!

I have often thought of paving over the front lawn, but I am not too fond of the view if I were to have a patio there.

Donna Heber said...

Hi Sandy,

Those are some huge mushrooms you have! I hope your sidewalk project is going well.

Gypsy Heart said...

This will be such a lovely area to sit outside and enjoy your time to relax. I know it's going to be beautiful!

I'm a new follower. Your blog is wonderful! Thanks so much for stopping to see me.


Linda said...

When I was a little girl my grandma used to tell us that mushrooms in the yard were umbrellas for fairies...I suppose it was to keep us away from them...but I see those umbrellas in some of your pictures!!

Berit said...

Those were great photos!!I have never seen this muschrooms, I think:)
Have a nice day!!

Elzie said...

I'm glad you didn't eat those mushrooms, they doesn't seem eatable!! I've get lots of mushrooms but not white ones, lol.
Nice to find your blog.
Have a great evening.
Love Elzie

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

The pictures are lovely--thank you for sharing them with us!

Katarina said...

It's a shame that all mushrooms aren't edible - but at least they are decoarative...