Christmas is just around the corner and I've been busy knitting.  This was the perfect weekend for me to sit in front of the TV, but a trying time for all Americans while we "Remembered 9/11"

I also spent my days with a few good friends,  "Ice and Whining"  they were such a comfort to my poor mouth that went through two root canals this past Thursday and Friday.
All I have to say about that,

"It was not fun"!!

JoAnns had such nice yarn this year.   Sequins were showing in many of the designs and this one will be for my grand daughter who lives in Juneau.   She is a brand new Teen and will so enjoy the sparkle.   She'll  also need all the warmth she can get during the up-coming winter months.

Trying my hand at 'cable stitches' I think it turned out quite nice. 
Not too many mistakes?

 The "Silver Grey" color is not showing very well in the photos but this scarf is really pretty.  I live in hot Florida and never have the need to wear a scarf.   But, I have plenty of family members that will be getting a new set of Hats and Scarves for their Christmas gifts this year.
Lets see, I have 4 sets finished so far.   Maybe I could make a nice light weight cotton scarf for me.   I do get a few days that I may put on a sweater during the month of February.   Sad don't you think?

What gifts have you completed for the Christmas season this year?
If you haven't started shopping, the holidays are fast approaching!

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Charlotte said...

I haven't started any Christmas gifts yet. Last year at this time, I already had three tablecloths made! I have never had to wear a scarf either, but would love to visit Alaska!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

It's so pretty Sandy! I love the colors. I do miss bundling up with cozy clothes at times. I have never knitted but would love to learn.

Pondside said...

Good for you for getting a head start - I have the yarn but no inspiration yet.

Karen said...

Sandy, I'm way behind so I'm going to comment on your last bunch of posts all at once. First off, love the scarf, with the sequins it is amazingly beautiful and oh, so cozy-looking. You are way far ahead of me with your projects, I'm still thinking about the garden yet and you're making Christmas presents!

Love the wreath you re-vamped and your birthday remembrance of your dear mother.

And Low Rise Jeans are the Stupidest Pants Ever Invented!

the cape on the corner said...

what a fabulous scarf-perfect for a teen girl. i love the grays you used, they make it so versatile. fabulous!

Gypsy Heart said...

This scarf is gorgeous!! I would love to be able to make gifts like this but have just never learned to knit. Of course, the 'bling' in this one is my kinda style! :-)

I can't even think of Christmas but little snippets of it enters my mind occasionally.