What is this Plant?

Do you know the proper name for this Flowering plant?

Three years ago I took a  cutting from a friends yard. The plant stood tall and had such pretty floral stems, reaching to the sky.

What is this, I asked her?  She had no idea.  She was given a cutting from another friend and said, "It grew like a weed but was so  pretty".  
She was right.  Each year since it just grew taller and I've had to prune it to keep it from getting too big.

Over the past year I took cuttings and planted them in different areas of my yard. They grew roots in a matter of weeks both in the ground and in water.   The plant grew as tall as me... and the flowers start to bloom around the end of July and last well into January.
Once nice thing the Butterfly's and Humming Birds love this plant.

Yesterday I stood as silent as possible while I watched three Humming Birds enjoy the tiny bell shaped flowers. I'm sorry to say I could not get a good photo of these little birds, they  move too fast for my camera.

After searching through photos of plants and flowers I just could not find the name of this plant.  Hopefully one of my blogger friends can help me with this?  
I've shared cutting with a few of my neighbors and also sent cuttings to my daughter in Guam.. she said "They just get bigger Mom, all my neighbors ask me where did you get them?"  They have one garden center on the island  and everyone has the exact plants  growing in each yard... so my daughter feels a bit special having something different.

If anyone knows the name of this beautiful plant, please leave a comment.. in fact, if you would like, I'll send on a cutting or two as a big thank you!
I live in zone 9-10 so I don't think those in the north can grow this?

It's time to get out in the yard and clean up a bit... Fall will be here soon and all the rain we have had has given the weeds energy to flourish!
Maybe this week I'll get out there?

"Happy Gardening"
p.s.  I'm happy to say a new blogger friend, Susan from Simply Susan
Told me this plant is called "Firespike"
Susan is a Florida gardener and I think she can teach me a thing or two about gardening in this state. 
If you need gardening info check out her lovely gardening blog.
Thank you Susan!!  

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Karen said...

Hi Sandy, just done catching up with your last blog posts. Love the new sign for the kitchen, lol, it's adorable. And the freeway signs are just what I need, something clearly telling me what to do.

I have no idea what your lovely plant is, but it sounds fantastic. I doubt it would grow here, but lucky you! I hope someone knows what it is!

Susan said...

Sandy, that plant is called Firespike and the hummers love it. Mine are just starting to put out small spikes. Enjoy!

Donna Heber said...

Hi Sandy,

Your plant is so beautiful and I'm glad Susan was able to tell you the name of it. It looks stunning in your garden by your statue. Have a great day!

Diana LaMarre said...

I have never seen that plant, but it's a real beauty!

Rosemary said...

That is certainly a striking plant and any plant that brings hummers is terrific. Glad you got the name...

Decor To Adore said...

Very pretty! Given that I live in the desert its always fun to see something other than beige. :)

Darla said...

It is a Firespike. They grow here in zone 8 as well. Die back in the winter though. It also comes in pink which I do not has as of yet.

Lynn said...

Very unusual and very pretty-enjoy:@)

Suzanne said...

I've never seen it too -- I'll bow to Susan who seems like she knows what she's talking about! It's beautiful!

Racquel said...

Glad you got an id for that great looking plant. The fact that it attracts wildlife is a major bonus! :)

Bethe77 said...

Very beautiful plant and that it draws teh butterflys and hummers. Oh how I would love that. Im sure it most likely wouldnt do well here in the PNW!
Glad you found out the name of your amamzing plant.

Linda said...

Marvelous work!! Happy Wednesday!!

Jean said...

Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! I'm glad you found out what your lovely plant is. I'm sorry it can't grow in the north. Jean

Anonymous said...

Yep, Susan's's a Firespike. Odontonema strictum is the botanical name. Love this plant.

SquirrelQueen said...

That is a beautiful plant, I'm glad someone came up with the name. I love any plant that attracts butterflies and hummers. Too bad it won't grow this far north.

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

It is a beautiful plant, I love how the flowers draw your eyes upward.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty plant! so glad someone has solved the mystery as to it's name! I am going to google it and see if it would grow here!

Light and Voices said...

Jeepers that is a really nice looking plant and you were so lucky that you have a green thumb and the plant multiplied. Lucky you!
Joyce M

Beth said...

Sandy, I enjoyed your post and I'm glad you found out the name of your plant. It's beautiful! Love your header photo too --- now THOSE (rudbeckia) I can grow in my zone 5 garden!
Blessings, Beth

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Hi Sandy,
Glad you found out the name of your plant. I had no idea. It sure doesn't grow here in UT. It is beautiful, wish it did. My hubby teases me and says that I know the name of every plant. I'll have to let him know that I didn't know this one. I have a passion for gardening too. Visiting from Outdoor Weds. Now following you.

the fishermans cottage said...

Hi, just popped over from Sarah's, I'm glad you found out the name of your plant, as I would of been no help as I have never seen anything like that before, it is lovely though and how wonderful to have humming birds in your garden :) x

Fishtail Cottage said...

oh, i love finding garden plants that attract the hummingbirds & bees! Curious what zone you live in as i'd like to try it out here at Fishtail Cottage....Thanks for linking up to this weeks garden party so we all could be introduced to this fabulous plant & love that you were able to find the name of it! xoxo, tracie

Lavender Cottage said...

Glad you found the name of your plant, it's a beauty. I so wish we could grow it here but you never know, sometimes they're just not as vigorous in a colder zone.

BernieH said...

It's a fabulous Firespike! It's so easy to grow in the right climate.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

How lucky you are to find such a gorgeous, easy-to-grow plant that flowers for such a long time. It's beautiful!

Thank you so much for linking up to my Summer Loving party.