Sofa Throw

Christmas may be months away but I'm going to be ready!  I've been working on so many projects.
This one is a "Sofa Throw" for one of my daughters.  She asked for one months ago and I only now was able to get to it.  Her colors are browns,  tans, seafoam, a bit of green and blue... A rainbow of greens and blues.

The fabrics are assorted weights.. I like to have different finishes, shiny along with simple cottons.  Gina asked for some sequins but I thought better (she has three small boys, imagine the fun they will have pulling those)....

This is my idea of a pattern.. a guide of sorts, although the finished product is not exact.

This quilt I did correctly,,, ironed the seams as I went along....(something I don't usually do).

I also added one square with  her family initial in  cross stitch.

Once the design was completed, the batting and backing put together I found my favorite easy chair, turned on the TV and away I went with the  quilting.. It took me the better part of 4 days to complete the hand quilting.  They were rainy days so that kept me home to complete this project.

As you can see I had no special design in mind for the quilting.. I just stitched in loopie designs.....

As usual I added my "Made by" label. Using my little sharpie and a piece of muslin.

 Another Christmas project finished... 
We have been stuck indoors this past week with so much rain.. maybe it will hold off this next week to give me a chance to pull some weeds?
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Karen said...

Sandy, what a beautiful quilt! I wish I had your foresight to get to work on Christmas gifts already...I am such a procrastinator. Such a great keepsake for your daughter. Now I'm inspired to make one!

Allison Shops said...

You're so smart to get ahead on Christmas. Your daughter will love the quilt.

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Anonymous said...

Love it! I know exactly where I'm putting it!!

Holly said...

It is beautiful! What great colors! What a talent! Sequins would have been beautiful - but I CAN imagine the fun the boys would have with them!

Gabrielle @ i.craft said...

This is a great design...now if I could finish all the designs I have rambling around my studio! :) You're is beautiful!

Susan said...

Very Pretty...GREAT GREENS!!