Scavenger Hunt

We are in dry season here in the Tampa Bay area. Although we had one day of rain two days ago, there were no rainbows.   But I have a photo taken just two months ago in Juneau.  Taken from the deck of my sons home looking towards the mountain.  I hoped to capture the double rainbow but you can just barley see the second one. Sorry to say "No Pot of Gold".

 The words for this weeks Scavenger Hunt are

You will all have to admit, 
Dryer Lint is Fluffy!


This is where I keep my in coming Letters, just waiting for me to deal with them.


My Bromeliads waiting to be planted in the yard, sit on my Metal potting table.


Although it looks like a large bush, it is actually a 75 year old, very tall Hickory Tree that fell yesterday morning in my neighbors back yard.  We had an entire day of rain and the roots loosened and down it came... very close to his home!

I'm joining 


Jessica - Green PBnJs said...

Hey we honeymooned in Tampa and Clearwater! :) I love it there! -Jessica

Anonymous said...

Who was the poor neighbor, he was lucky!! Love your fluffy he he
LOVE you dear

Tamar SB said...

These are all great! Love the metal potting table!

Karen said...

Artistic dryer lint....very creative! The rainbow is gorgeous and taken from a unique angle. Beautiful!

HI Carter said...

very cool rainbow!

Ashley Sisk said...

That rainbow shot is beautiful!

Christine E-E said...

fluffy lint... love it. I washed a rug this weekend & my lint was only bits of non-skid rubber from the back of the rug.

Andrea Dawn said...

Loving the rainbow shot . . . so sad about the hickory tree falling down. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Great set~!! :)