Bald Eagles In The Raw

What could be more glorious than the Bald Eagle?
My son and his family live in Juneau, Alaska and seeing a Bald Eagle every day is the norm there.
When Tom sees one he takes out his camera and has sent me so many shots of this glorious bird.

From what Tom tells me, the birds circle over his home and leave them gifts on his roof top. He has to use a high power washer every few months.

The photo below is what he sees from his living room window.

 Beautiful, simply beautiful.

I'm joining Jenny Matlock for the letter "B"


Judie said...

When we were in Alaska, we saw a lot of eagles. It was the highlight of the trip for me. Great pics!!

anitamombanita said...

They are beautiful. There are quite a few where we live but it's still a thrill to see them!

Emille said...

Awesome pics of this regal bird!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Fabulous shots! It amazes me how eagles can sit on the very tiptop of trees! My granddaughter and I were discussing bald eagles just the other day, and she said "they're not really bald, they have feathers!"

Annesphamily said...

I am always so sad when I see the eages caged at the zoo! They were meant to fly free! These photos are beautiful. Thanks for the share.

Jo said...

my parents lived in an area with a lot of eagles. They really are fascinating!

Andy David said...

Dear friend,
I always had admiration for Eagles. Great pictures!!

KDL said...

My daughter's teacher sent me a link to a camera that watches an eagles' nest. It was fascinating...good thing I don't have more free time or I would've spent it all watching the mama tend her babies. They are amazing. Beautiful photos - oh to have THAT view out your window - WOW.

Jenny said...

Oh Sandy.

What majestic pictures. These were so powerful and beautiful.

I can't imagine seeing such grandeur everyday!

It would be well worth the power washing!

Thanks for a wonderful link.