My Christmas Tree Ornaments. .

 Although I don't have children at home anymore my Christmas tree has children's toys and ornaments hanging on it...  I have only a few left from the good ol days gone by and I also have new ones I've made each year since.

This past week I started making 4 little Reindeer and they turned out kinda cute.

All it took was a few pieces of brown felt, a glue gun,  sewing thread, buttons, bells, stuffing for the body and some pipe cleaner's.

The Child in me lives on!

As you can see, my tree is a short 4'tall and it stands on an end table near my front window. I gave up on the tall trees several years ago.  I do have the traditional color ball ornaments but I've always been into the little people and animals of Christmas.  So the balls stay packed away.  After the last of my 3 children left the nest I gave them  most of the ornaments that were made during their childhood.  Then I found myself without any.

I had an Owl hooting in the tree outside my bedroom window last night.  It was rather loud and this morning I thought about how sweet a few Night Owl's would look on my Christmas Tree.  I have them started  and will do a post on them, if I manage to finish them in the next week. 

Christmas is only a week away.  
I have all my gifts bought and sent in the mail.  
I'm fortunate to have my sister here with us this year and we have been out each day soaking up the Christmas spirit.  The house is decorated and the lights are up on the outside.  The Christmas cookies are baked and wrapped, ready to be given out this week. We have the menu ready for Christmas dinner.

I'd like to send my love and best wishes to the service men and women who can not make it home for Christmas this year. I pray they are all at peace where ever they may be.
The news today of the last of the troupes leaving Iraq, is Glorious! 
How wonderful for their families. Now that is a reason to feel blessed.

I know I am blessed in so many ways.
Let the Holidays Begin!



Pondside said...

I know how you're feeling, missing your children at this time of year, despite the gift of having your sister to visit. This is the first time ever that we will celebrate without our son, and the first time since marriage and the birth of two grandchildren, that we'll be without them. Life goes on, and I encourage the young family to make its own traditions - but I miss them!
Your tree is very sweet - it appeals to the child in me, too!

LindyLouMac said...

Lovely photos and tribute to servicemen. Have a good Christmas and I look forward to following you in 2012.