Baking Holiday Cookies As Gifts....

This past few days were all about baking holiday cookies.

My friends, neighbors and the man who saved my life, Dr. Walsh will be getting pretty packages of assorted cookies this week.
I love to bake and the holidays give me the opportunity to create and just have fun.

Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodle, Sugar, Gingerbread Men and some Peanut Butter/Dark Chocolate Fudge along with several Cheese Cakes,  I made dozens of Cookies and decorated them in a variety of colors.

The gold cookie box will go to my Dr's office. Included in the box is a warning,  for those who can not have peanuts.

While in Michaels  I picked up a sweet Wilton product, with 4 cookie boxes.  Each came with the outer cellophane wrappers with little red bows.  Perfect size for two dozen cookies

The hostess of a holiday party we will be going to tonight will get an added bonus of a Cheese Cake made especially for her (I made three),  on a decorative holiday serving plate.

This week I'll be passing out my gift bags of cookies to a special few, if I can keep Mr. N from eating them.  He too will bring a package  to his work. That should make his coworkers smile while slaving over their jobs.

The holiday cookies bring me back to when my children were small.  We had such fun baking and decorating each little cookie while having hot coco.  How I miss those days!
This is my way of keeping those precious memories alive in my heart! 
What really makes me smile is my grandsons just might be closer to me next Christmas.  They will be moving back to the states in June with their mom and military dad and I'm so excited about being closer to them.
I want to bake cookies with my grandbabies!

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Pondside said...

Sandy, I wish I lived in your neighbourhood! What a lovely thing to do - I'll be people smile when they see you coming.
I hope you get to bake with your grandsons next Christmas!

Susan said...

My mouth is watering...your cookies look scrumptious, and so pretty, too! Have a wonderful Christmas.

TAbbey at Southern Charm said...

I love holiday cookies and wish I took the time to make them. Yours look so yummy and they are beautiful!

Cottage and Broome said...

Your cookies look great! Will be frosting mine tomorrow. Have a great holiday season, Laura