Christmas Shopping at the Beach, and a bit of Christmas Trivia

My sister and I went down the Gulf Coast just south of Clearwater Beach,  to "Johns Pass"
The area is along the intracoastal and has a variety of small shops to choose from.

One of the shops caught my eye.  It was full of the most beautiful sea life, glass and crystal figurines.

And  crystal Christmas ornaments.

Then I came upon a beaded Peacock

The shops are all decked out for the Christmas shoppers but also had the usual tourist items for all the "Snow Birds" that come to town in the winter.

Everyone needs a Coconut family.

The items in most of the shops were what one buys while on vacation, but my favorite shop had  yard ornaments.

And wind chimes...  the one I wanted was well over $600.00. Guess I'll have to hope someone loves me that much and it's placed under my Christmas Tree.

In need of a bathing suit or sandal's?

Or a few beach toys and a towel.

Everyone needs a gator head or sea shell, to take home from their Christmas vacation.

This shopping area south of Clearwater Beach, on Gulf Blvd,  is such a beautiful area.  My sister and I had fun  in the sun and picked up a few Christmas gifts.
I'm a lover of Chandeliers and this one caught my eye.  It's full of sea shells.

In the mood for a beach Christmas vacation.  The shopping is great and it's in the 70's and sunny.
Come on down!

A bit of Christmas Trivia for your pleasure

According to German tradition, what kind of glass Christmas ornament has to be found on the Christmas tree to determine who opens the first Christmas gift?

(The Glass Pickle ornament) 

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Ron aka TheOldGeezer said...

Greetings From Southern California

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012

The peacock is fantastic!

*The "W" in Christmas*


Gypsy Heart said...

Lots of beautiful treasures...and beautiful prices too! $600 ? Wow!

Thanks for sharing ~ the crystal ornaments are gorgeous.