Now there shooting our Children... God help us now their shooting our Children

 I am sitting here in disbelief over the shootings at this Elementary School... 
Children between the ages of 5 and 10 along with school staff.
I don't need to get on my band wagon but something needs to be done!
We do not need guns... We do not need guns!  
There have been too many shootings in America!  
And now their shooting our children!
It's much too easy to get a gun. 
Last night a man in my area, with a legal gun in his home shot at two law officers and blew away their cars over a domestic situation that he started.  He needed a gun for protection I'm sure is what his reasoning was.  Protection from who, himself?

 I read this and felt it was worth mentioning... "Immediately when something horrific happens, such as the senseless, evil killings in CT,   the politicians, the media, and the authorities will say "pray for these families" or "our thoughts and prayers are with this community and these families".  We also hear "How does God let his happen?" BUT DON'T LET GOD IN THE DOOR DURING REGULAR HOURS!  Don't mention His name (unless it's in vain).  Don't DARE pray during school hours.  Don't ever mention CHRISTmas (make sure you're politically correct and say things like "winter break").   It's a tragedy.  A horrible, tear-jerking, mind-numbing tragedy.  But God had nothing to do with itHe's not even allowed on public property."

Hug your children tight because you have to send them to school on Monday morning.. 

My prayers go out to the moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers, sisters and brothers of these sweet dear children.


Karen said...

Sandy, my prayers are added to yours. This is incredibly sad.

Joy said...

Amen.. so heartbreaking, I am so tired of this.

Anonymous said...

I agree we need prayers.

Pondside said...

Heartbreaking. I don't understand the need for guns. It is silly and trite to say 'guns don't kill people, people kill people'. The fact is that people with easy access to guns kill. The horror, the sadness of this day is too, too much.

Anonymous said...

We do need prayers.

Sorry for your mis-understanding about firearms.

My husband is in law enforcement, as was his father before him.

He would be the first one to tell you... guns don't just fire on their own...they don't just kill people.
Crazy people kill with guns.
Those same crazy people would kill with anything though... bombs, guns...etc....

It's just too sad that there are such evil people in this world.

I'm so thankful for the comfort that prayer, and God gives us.

Meredith @ A Penny For A Thought said...

I think this event will spark a much-needed debate on gun control and revisions to some policies (in terms of how easy it is to get one). Apparently anyone - regardless of mental illness, etc. - can go get one. Come ON!


Katy said...

it appears that the shooter tried to buy a rifle and was denied.

If we confiscate all guns this problem will still exist.

I'm a single mom and I own a shotgun.

The emotional reactions to this are not the basis to start passing laws. We need to think rationally here. We need armed guards/protection for all schools, the way they have in Israel. In Israel they have to protect their children from bombers, and they are successful because their schools are guarded.

I wish I could homeschool.