It's not an empty table top any more. I think the Christmas Spirit has hit me hard this year.


I think the Christmas spirit has hit me hard this year... not sure why but it's starting to be fun.
Every time I pass a table or spot that looks bare I go get some decorations out of the box that has been stored for several years,  things I just forgot about.

First thing I did was take my clippers and go out in the wooded area of my yard to clip some sticks..  Put them in a glass vase and that into a red ice bucket.. I forgot I had.  A bit of green stuffing and some snow batting and created a willow'e tree of sorts.   A little stuffed Santa perched on the snow.

 A new little snowman skiing .. that will be leaving soon.. it's a gift for my daughter in Jupiter.  She has been collecting Snowmen for about 12 years and has a huge assortment of these little guys, doing all sorts of things.

I'm afraid to walk around the house,  might find another bare spot.  I can't help but think of the after Christmas clean up, maybe I can get someone to come in and pack it all up..haha
For now,  I'll think about that another day and just enjoy the moment and spruce up the house for my sister.  8 more days till she gets here.
Can't you tell I'm excited.
"Happy Hollidays"

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Anonymous said...

How sweet dear, all this just for me?? LOVE you