I'm so ready !

I get excited when the Holiday Season comes around each year.  It's hard on a mom who spent years getting ready for the season, mostly for her children but now my children are out in the world doing for their families.  Makes me sad deep inside but I still don't deny myself the great pleasures associated with the Holidays.
One pleasure is my sisters annual visit.  she too has children spread around the world and her home is quiet so she and I have made a point of spending the Holidays together for the past decade.

Our one pleasure that we can agree on.
"Fruit Cake"
Not just any Fruit Cake but one from the "Collin Street Bakery" in Corsicana, Texas.
This Fruit Cake is to die for and the only one we buy. 
I know the stores are full of other so called Fruit Cakes but this one puts them all to shame!
This bakery sends cakes out to the White House and to the Queen of England and other destinations around the world!

I'll admit it's a bit pricey but it's our gift to ourselves and is worth every penny!

Our Mom introduced us to this wonderful Fruit Cake and we have kept the tradition going in her honor, with her way of eating this... First we get a small bottle of good Rum and every few days drizzle a teaspoon or two over this cake for the first few weeks. (that is why we buy it early)
It's amazing and strong so a teeny slice is all needed with a cup of tea!

I know most people hate Fruit Cake but for those who love it you must send away for one now!

 I am not collecting any endorsements for this post and am not trying to sell you, I just wanted to talk about this wonderful cake! It's the kind of sweet you bring out for guests!
I'm ready for the Holidays now and my sisters visit. One week from today she will be making the 24 hr flight to get to me. I'll be at the airport with bells on to greet her!
(the bells on part is a family joke)
Bring on all the Holiday fan fair and the chilly weather!

I'm officially ready for you "Dolly"!


Granny said...

I love good fruitcake. I'll be checking out the company you recommend. I won't be adding the rum though. I can't stand the taste of hard liquor.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, you're sweet, I can't wait to get there!!!

Pondside said...

My mum still makes fruitcake and sends it to me. She pours rum onto it all autumn, so by the time I unwrap the cheesecloth it is moist and smells wonderful!