Resting and Remembering....

Today I took off.. literally!

Got in my car and drove.  Made a few stops, shopped, ate things I had no business eating and just enjoyed the day!
I also remembered so clearly, my Mom.   Somehow I felt her sitting in the passenger seat beside me while I drove.   I could feel the smile on my face as we talked and laughed together...  She has done this a few times over the years, since her death.. spent some time with me.
This may sound silly to some while others can relate....

It was nice.

Once I was home I walked by the above wall sampler my mom made in 1981. It has hung in my home with pride since Mom died in 1998.   As I walked past, it seemed to draw me in..  guess Mom came in with me, after our ride.  The house on the sampler is a replica of my house back in Illinois.  Life was really good back then.  All my kids were young.   I was so busy and Mom and my brother Tom were both alive and well...

We all have to start somewhere and my beginning
started with my "Mom"... she always had a needle
or a hammer in her hand.  I can still see her making or
fixing something.  She also worked right beside me during

my days as a Caterer.  Nobody made cheese cake better
than my mom.

I have tried to teach my two daughters some
of my crafty self.. and yes, they both have
done some good work.. Cyndi can cross stitch
better than I.   Gina is now so busy with
three baby boys that take all her time.  She

home schools,  but manages to do a bit
of crafting in her free time.

Thank you Mom, for all your lessons! 

And Thank you for going out with me today....

Love you 



Sherry said...

I lost my Mom in 1995 and still think of her almost every day. She inspired me to do many of the things I like to do now and I have also tried to encourage my daughters to be creative. They are both busy with young children but have made their homes a pleasant place for their families. Blessings to you, have a great week.

the cape on the corner said...

what a nice post-i can tell how special your mom was to you. it's nice that you felt her with you today on your ride. what a lovely thought!

Karen said...

What a wonderful way to remember your mother...I'm sure she was with you on your day off. Her sampler is beautiful, I can see where you get your talent from. Thank you for taking me along on your trip, too!

Granny said...

The sampler is beautiful. I have a few things of my mom's that have such a special meaning to me and when I see them I can feel her presence. My mom died in 1977 and I still miss her every day. Thanks for sharing your day.

La said...

What a sweet, sweet post. I think your mom knew you needed her company.

I lost my mom in 1998 as well. I still miss her terribly, but she too visits from time-to-time.

Sending a warm hug your way. La

Becolorful said...

What a great post. I'm sure she enjoyed it even more than I did though.
I still have my mom and she seems to be in good health but she lives alone now and when she doesn't answer the phone or her cell my mind starts to go to that scary place.
When I talk to my dad it has to be outside. When ever the leaves rustle I know he is with me.
Hugs and thanks for this.
I loved it.