The Vase

 I'm a very simple person when it comes to decorating.  I know so many people go for the fancy or elaborate way of design but I like clean and also things with meaning to me.
A simple terracotta pot with Ivy on the guest room wall.

 I received a bouquet of Roses a few years ago and needed to save them. I hung them upside down on a string and let them dry... then put them in a simple glass jar in a basket.  The little bear family is very special to me. After my mom died my family gave me this as a memory of her grandchildren sitting on grandmas lap.

 On the staircase landing, a simple large pot with dried sticks.

 I love Tulips and had to put a bunch in a simple urn beside a stitched memory sampler from my sister.

 There is something I love about blue bottles... simple flowers tucked into a few.

 This little coffee cup is my most prized possession.  It was sitting on my moms night stand, half full with her morning coffee when I came home from work,  to find she had passed away during the day.

 This wonderful fountain was a gift from my sweet Niece Mothie.. it was ment to be put in my garden but I thought better of letting the weather destroy it... It sits next to my stairs with a bit of Ivy.

 Another memento, a vase that was given to me by Mr N's mom.  She will be celebrating her 100th birthday this November.

 Again, Tulips  
They are the perfect orange color and until I find another simple flower of this color, they will stay there.

A blue glass juice pitcher that belonged to my mom.

Simple things make me smile.

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Annesphamily said...

What wonderful treasures you share. I love them all and know what they must mean to you.

Anonymous said...

All your 'vases' look so nice!!
Love you dear!

Katherines Corner said...

It all looks so pretty. I love that so much of your decorating sparks happy feelings.Hugs and wishes for a beautiful Sunday.

Design Dork said...

I love the blue bottles!

Karen said...

I can see why the coffee cup would hold a place so near and dear to your heart. I love all the decorating ideas you have shared here, each one is so lovely.

Honey at 2805 said...

Your treasures are so all very special and hold special memories for you! Thanks you for sharing this sweet post on Potpourri Friday!

Ellen said...

Your house is a true home just filled with meaningfull memories. I also believe less can be more. I just love the statue from your niece. I am linking from 2805.