Shopping in the year 1900

I spent an hour or so reading through the "1900 Sears Roebuck Catalog" the other day and how interesting it was.  The price of each item, the same ones we buy today, really had me wanting more information... I realize the cost of living made the prices and they had no middle man during the process of building, sewing or making each item.. it was simply shipped to each address directly from the point of origin.  It's just how each item is almost exact to today's model.... not much has changed except the style and of course the technology.

The "Kenmore Sewing Machine" is something we still see in Antique Stores.. 
Look at the price of the original.  $14.95
Take a look at this "Stradivarius"... these sell today for hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Yester-years version of the "Video Camera.  Can't slip this into your purse.

The first "Oven Range" so big and heavy and $26.50
I'm sure there was a lot of time energy, not to mention Steel put into this.

Every Lady needed a new fancy pair of "Genuine Leather Shoes".

Lets not forget her "Drawers"

Isn't this the chair that sits out on the porch at "Cracker Barrel"?

Now this item... I really have no idea what you do with it? "Electric Belt"
From what I read, it's Medical? What is the extra piece, (looks like, well I don't need to say it) on the front of the belt?  The paragraph say's "Tired of Drugs"?

There were so many items for sale in the "Sears Roebuck" catalog. 
This catalog was the only way Americans had to purchase what they needed for every day life, other than the little general store in town.

What is the "Electric Medical Belt for"?  Anyone Know?



Karen said...

Wow, Sandy, what a neat trip down memory lane! I did a search on the belt--I need to get me one of these, sounds like it would be just the thing!

Heidelberg Alternating Current
Electric Belt
ca. 1900

FOR NERVOUS DISEASES of all kinds in men and women, to reach the nerve centers for the cure of all nervous disorders the Heidelberg Electric Belt stands alone. For weakness in men and women, personal exhaustion bringing back lost strength and power, over brain work, vital , impotency, rheumatism, sciatica, lame back, railroad back, insomnia, melancholia, kidney disorder, Bright's disease, dyspepsia, disorders of the liver, female weakness, poor circulation, weak heart action and almost every known disease and weakness. The constant soothing alternating electric current is ever at worktouching the weak spots, building up the system, stimulating the circulation. ALL THAT ELECTRICITY WILL DO FOR YOU WILL BE RECEIVED through the use of our electric belt.

Victoria said...

What a fun post that was! When I was a teenager my mom ordered a Sears catalog from the early 1900's and we had so much fun looking thru it! I remember an ad selling medicine for 'piles'...I had no idea what those were!!!

Glad someone helped you with the belt, I would've had no clue!

Granny said...

I can remember having the Sears catalog and making up a wish list of what we'd like to have. When the new catalog came out, the old one was moved to the outhouse to recycle. ;)

Sign me up for one of those electric medical belts. Sounds like it fixes everything that ails you.

Kathy said...

This is very cool! I would love to have magazines or catalogs from the year my home was built 1914 - I'd love to have them displayed -
I am sure it was some very interesting reading,

Lisa said...

They have a modern version! Works wonders! it's called a TENS unit!