I'm a Winner

This past week has been full of wonderful things for me.  Then yesterday I got word from  "Jessica @   

She told me "I won her giveaway"  The prize, "4 tickets to Sea World Orlando"!

You bet I'll be using these this summer... my sister will be here and we sure need
some good R&R.... I'm also going to ask the two girls that  live next door if they would like to go with us  (I know for a fact they will say YES)  we are planning the trip already.  An all  girl road trip, how fun!

The best part, Orlando is only about two hours  from my home in Clearwater.  Although I  have  been there quite a few times,  I  will always love  that theme park and  I can eat my way from one food stand to another as I make the rush  to see the shows...  The trainers   are now going back in the water with Shamu  so that will make it extra special!

"Thank you so much Jessica" 

I'm going to Sea World!



Granny said...

Congratulations! After the past year you certainly deserve a nice vacation.

the cape on the corner said...

what an amazing prize to win! i love that you're already planning your daytrip. my in laws love sea world, they go almost every year. i love manatees-say hello to some for me, if ya can!