Floor Reveal

 I found myself walking out of the suite of Doctors offices with the silliest smile that would not go away.  When I opened the door to the waiting room, about 10 women were all sitting like I was just an hour before, waiting their turn to get their breasts looked at after a negative mammogram the week before.    I'm happy to say the Radiologist came to me and said.. "All Clear". After a comprehensive test she said,  "It was just the roots of a mole" (she used more medical words but that was the jest of it)  that I have had for years!
While walking into the waiting room I held my smile, but it came back and the sad, scared faces of the women in the seats could not take that smile away.  As I opened the outside door all I could do was wave to everyone, let them know "My results were good" and wish them all luck as I felt so foolish almost skipping!  Some smiled, some looked at me as if  I had two heads.
All the way home I smiled at everyone and everything.
Today is the best!

I came home to see the floor was almost finished.  This has been a long week for me. Between worry and wanting my house back to normal.. but not that normal. I wanted the new floor finished.   
Here he is "The man of my dreams", Mr. Duncan.  He worked hard for three days and did a wonderful job.  While I was making both Mr. N and Mr. Duncan lunch he saw my smile as I cooked the taco meat (turkey)...  "You look like you had a good morning" he said.  Yes, "This is a good day" I had the best news this morning and besides, Your here.  Poor guy thought I lost my mind!

As each room began to show the finished look I started bringing all the stuff, pillows, lamps, nick-nacks from the upstairs.  Time to get the place back into shape.

Let me warn anyone who has never lived through "New Floors"  installed on an entire floor!  What a mess!  Everything except the heavy furniture had to go upstairs.

But Look at the results... I'm one happy camper today!

Mr. N told me to just leave the mess and 'we' will do it tomorrow.... haha!  How could I not start putting it all back together? It took me the better part of 4 hours but "I did most of it".

I'd like to tell every woman who keeps putting it off, "Go get your Mammogram"!
Although I already have the number one killer of women, "Heart Disease" and "Heart Failure" I went to the Doctors as soon as I first felt the symptoms,  and now live with a Pacemaker/Defib  implanted.  I feel fine now but the thought of Breast Cancer scared the wits out of me?  
Please don't put off seeing your Doctors when you feel odd.  We take feeling well for granted,, but when that "one" twinge hits we say, "It will go away" and do not get it checked.  
"Don't do that"!  Run to the Doctors.  Let me get off my soap box....
Today is the best!

I'll be joining




Granny said...

I'm so glad to hear the good news. Don't blame you for having such a big smile.

Your floor looks fantastic.

Pondside said...

Good news! Thanks for sharing it, and the very good advice too,

Karen said...

I've just caught up on your last few posts and am SO glad to hear the fantastic news! What a relief. I love the way your floor turned out; it is gorgeous. I'm grinning just sitting here writing this, I'm so happy for you.

Florrie said...

Wonderful news, so happy for you.

Your home looks fantastic after all the renovations.
florrie x

Darla said...

This post is one big praise report!! Wonderful...

Alana in Canada said...

Congrats on your positive test result--AND your gorgeous floors.

Anonymous said...


So glad for you for your new flooring too! Looks great! said...

I LOVE this! Its FAB!!! Come on 'ova and share this at my Linky Par-Tay!



Jennifer Rizzo said...

I am so glad you had some good news! your floor looks amazing! It's so bright and fresh!